All you need to know about Pokemon GO Squirtle Spotlight Hour

Olivia Richman • July 17, 2021 1:29 am

Wondering what’s next in Pokemon GO? It’s Squirtle Spotlight Hour! 

Pokemon GO’s Spotlight Hour events have been happening since 2020 and have shown to be among the most popular recurring events in the mobile game. The 60-minute event will give players the chance to get a Shiny Blastoise, Squirtle’s final evolution. The Water-type starter will also have an increased spawn rate during this time. 

When is Pokemon GO Squirtle Spotlight Hour?

Pokemon’s latest Spotlight Hour is coming on July 20. If it follows the usual pattern for these events, it will start at 6 PM local time for players and end at 7 PM. 

To make sure you’re ready for this event’s short time frame, buy at least two incense in Pokemon GO. This item attracts Pokemon to you, making it even more likely for an abundance of Squirtle to pop up. Remember to have your Pokemon Storage Box cleared out so you can fit all of the incoming Squirtles. You’ll also want to come prepared with a bunch of Pokeballs and Pokemon Candy. 

What can you expect during Pokemon GO’s Squirtle Spotlight Hour? 

Pokemon GO shiny Blastoise

During this 60-minute event, you will be able to get Double Transfer Candy. This allows you to evolve Pokémon faster or to double catch stardust.

The main event here is finding a Shiny Squirtle. Make sure that you use your Incense during the Spotlight Hour. If you encounter a non-Shiny Squirtle, leave the battle to find another. You don’t want to waste time since you only have 60 minutes to work with. Once you finally find a Shiny Squirtle, use your Berries to ensure that it doesn’t run away. 

The past two Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours highlight the other two classic starters, Bulbasaur and Charmander. Bulbasaur had its spotlight on July 6, also bringing a double catch XP bonus. Charmander was featured on July 13 and had double catch candy as a special bonus. 


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