Nobody Wants to Die

All we know about Nobody Wants to Die trailer, release date, and plot

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 13, 2024

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Critical Hit Games has unveiled a shiny new title, Nobody Wants to Die, set in a dystopian future where the rich are armed with cutting-edge technology.

On March 12, publisher PLAION revealed the game trailer for Nobody Wants to Die and it has since become a hot topic in the gaming whisper network. The futuristic noir game looks excellent. From dark secrets of the rich to dangerous tech, it has all the ingredients for a hit cyberpunk game. 

The trailer showcases the main character harnessing power from a claw-like bracelet, capable of slowing down and pausing time. Besides flying cars and impressive tech, the trailer flex game’s realistic graphics and visuals. 

When does Nobody Wants to Die take place?

Nobody Wants to Die takes place in New York in 2329, where technology is the king. The central theme is crime investigation, but the game may allow players to explore visually pleasant landscapes in the future of New York City.

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While the trailer doesn’t give away much, the developer has revealed the base storyline. Players will navigate the noir future as a mortality department detective, James Karra. As a detective, the player would be responsible for weeding out the serial killer who’s after the movers and shakers of NYC. 

In his quest to unveil the secrets, Karra will be equipped with high-end technology to let him manipulate time. In the trailer, a bracelet appears, which is likely the source of this power, but it’s tough to say. That’s not all. He may be going up against powerful villains who can stay alive forever if they have enough money.

“Technology has advanced to offer humans eternal life, allowing consciousness to be stored in memory banks or transferred from one body to another. That is, if you can afford the subscription,” the game developer says.

Nobody Wants To Die release date 

Nobody Wants to Die is set to release in 2024 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The exact date is currently unknown. 


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