Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzle answers

All the Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzle answers an dates

By Steven Rondina


Jul 15, 2022

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Filling in the right answer on each Leblanc crossword puzzle answer is a great way to get free social stats in Persona 5 Royal.

Alongside other new features, Persona 5 Royal gives players lots of opportunities to get free social stats and improve relationships with confidants. This makes it so players have a much better chance to complete the game, but that doesn’t mean that things are a cakewalk. Players still need to make the most of these opportunities because these stats are missable.

One of these things are the crossword puzzles that can be found in Leblanc. Giving the right answer on a Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzle gives an extra boost to the knowledge without having to sacrifice a block of time, similar to giving the right answer in school.

Those social stats only come after giving the right answer. With that in mind, here’s the right answer for all the crossword puzzles in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzle answers and dates

Unlike Persona 5 Royal’s school answers, the crossword puzzles are not tethered to a specific date. Crossword puzzles appear on a certain date but will wait for the player to answer them before another will appear. There are 25 in total which appear in a fixed order. Answers often tie into major story events.

A crossword puzzle may be available even on days when they aren’t visible on the table. Make sure to talk with the customers or watch TV each day to empty out the tables to see if they leave one behind.

  • 4/18- How school years are divided- Semesters
  • 4/27- Hanami: cherry (?) viewing- Blossom
  • 5/2- Time for a trip: (?) Week- Golden
  • 5/10- What are the May Blues?- Malaise
  • 5/18- Where art is shown off and sold- Gallery
  • 5/26- A type of outdoor allergy- Pollenosis
  • 5/31- Nihonga: (?) cultural artwork- Japanese
  • 6/3- Label for an unparalleled artist- Master
  • 6/7- Held to inform the public- Conference
  • 6/16- Changes with the season- Wardrobe
  • 6/22- Exchanged all over the world- Currency
  • 6/30- A border between air masses- Front
  • 7/7- Medicine of varying legality- Narcotics
  • 7/12- Many students’ greatest love- Vacation
  • 7/19- These gauge student knowledge- Finals
  • 7/27- A seasonal skybound event- Fireworks
  • 8/3- A stationary hotspot: heat (?)- Island
  • 8/8- Necessary for dares- Courage
  • 8/17- A common skin injury- Sunburn
  • 8/25- When it’s too hot to sleep- Sweltering
  • 8/30- Techy term for e-infiltration- Hacking
  • 9/2- Localized destructive storm- Typhoon
  • 9/19- Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?)- Festival
  • 9/28- Establishing order and worth- Ranking
  • 10/6- Absorbs most light- Black
  • 10/10- Co-opted Celtic holiday- Halloween
  • 10/31- Lined up at school festivals- Stalls
  • 11/4- Tipster hotlines offer this- Reward
  • 11/14- Laying into someone- Bashing
  • 11/28- Draws people to you- Charisma
  • 12/2- A.K.A. sweating sickness- Influenza
  • 12/7- What lights do for store signage- Illuminate
  • 12/12- Politicians thrive on this rating- Approval
  • 12/19- Joyful holiday w/ an intruder- Christmas
  • 1/14- A type of wish: New Year’s (?)- Resolution
  • 1/19- Ancient god of theatre- Dionysus
  • 1/23- Ancient goddess of fate- Lachesis
  • 1/27- Ancient legendary dragon- Orochi

Where are the crossword puzzles?

Persona 5 Royal’s crossword puzzles are on the tables in Leblanc Cafe. 

The crossword puzzles appear on fixed dates but must be done in order. If a crossword puzzle appears in the cafe and the player advances forward on the calendar, the next time they interact with the crossword puzzle will contain the same question as the one they left behind even if another one appears.


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