Magma Wyrm Makar in Elden Ring

All dragon incantation and heart locations in Elden Ring

By Steven Rondina


Jul 1, 2022

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Of all the dragons in Elden Ring, the most important ones to locate are the ones that drop Dragon Hearts and teach Dragon Communion incantations.

Elden Ring revisits a concept from Dark Souls 3 of people transforming into dragons. There are two sub-categories of incantation related to this including Aspects of the Crucible and Dragon Communion. Aspects of the Crucible are dropped after killing Crucible Knights around the Lands Between, but there’s an extra step when it comes to getting Dragon Communion incantations.

To get Dragon Communion incantations, players need to track down and kill a number of dragons across each area of Elden Ring. This unlocks the ability to purchase these incantations from one of two places. Here’s the location of every Dragon Communion target, and how to collect all the Dragon Hearts in Elden Ring.

All Dragon Heart locations in Elden Ring

The key to getting all Dragon Communion incantations in Elden Ring is to get every Dragon Heart in the game. Many of the game’s dragon enemies will offer one or more upon death and some of these dragons will unlock new spells to purchase.

Players will have to do a lot of globetrotting in order to get them all, but it’s worth the effort. Dragon Communion incantations are very powerful and can be folded into almost any build that has high faith.

Flying Dragon AgheelLimgrave, north of Dragon-Burnt Ruins5,000 runes, 1 Dragon Heart
Glintstone Dragon SmaragLiurnia, island west of Raya Lucaria Academy14,000 runes, 1 Dragon Heart
Glintstone Dragon AdulaLiurnia, outside Ranni’s rise and later west of Cathedral of Manus Celus120,000 runes, 3 Dragon Hearts, Adula’s Moonblade
Magma Wyrm MakarLiurnia, through a series of lifts and caves acting as gatekeeper to Altus Plateau24,000 runes, 1 Dragon Heart, Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword
Glintstone DragonsLiurnia of the Lakes, three Glintstone Dragons surrounding the Moonlight Altar8,131 runes, 1 Dragon Heart each
Magma WyrmCaelid, Gael Tunnel7,500 runes, 1 Dragon Heart, Moonveil
Decaying EkzykesCaelid, north of Cathedral of Dragon Communion38,000 runes, 1 Dragon Heart
Magma WyrmMt. Gelmir, in lava pool near Fort Laeidd19,000 runes, 1 Dragon Heart
Magma WyrmVolcano Manor, in a lava pool below elevator near Temple of Eiglay 5,044 runes, 1 Dragon Heart
Elder Dragon GreyollGreyoll’s Dragonbarrow, west of Fort Faroth50,000 runes, 5 Dragon Hearts
Flying Dragon GreyllGreyoll’s Dragonbarrow, on bridge south of Bestial Sanctum80,000 runes, 1 Dragon Heart
Borealis the Freezing FogMountaintops of the Giants, on the frozen lake to the northeast100,000 runes, 1 Dragon Heart
Great Wyrm TheodorixConsecrated Snowfield, outside the Cave of the Forlorn180,000 runes, 3 Dragon Hearts

What do you do with Dragon Hearts in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, Dragon Hearts are a currency used to buy incantations.

Players can use Dragon Hearts to purchase incantations from one of two shops. The first one players have access to is the Church of Dragon Communion on an island near Limgrave, which is accessed via the Coastal Cave. Later on in the game, players can find the Cathedral of Dragon Communion along the southern side of Caelid.

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The church only has a handful of spells that are generic across all dragons. Players can find more incantations in Caelid, including ones used by some boss dragons. That said, not every dragon boss is a part of this.

All Dragon Communion incantations in Elden Ring and where to get them

Many Dragons in Elden Ring can unlock new Dragon Communion incantations, but that’s not the case with all of them. Some dragons will just drop a Dragon Heart and some Dragon Communion incantations do not require the player to kill any dragons. Here is the full list of Dragon Communion incantations, how to unlock them, and how many Dragon Hearts they cost.

IncantationUnlocked fromCost
Agheel’s FlameFlying Dragon Agheel2 Dragon Hearts
Borealis’s MistBorealis the Freezing Fog2 Dragon Hearts
DragonclawNone1 Dragon Heart
DragonfireNone1 Dragon Heart
DragoniceNone1 Dragon Heart
DragonmawNone1 Dragon Heart
Ekzykes’s DecayDecaying Ekzykes2 Dragon Hearts
Glintstone BreathNone1 Dragon Heart
Greyoll’s RoarElder Dragon Greyoll3 Dragon Hearts
Magma BreathMagma Wyrm (Mt. Gelmir)1 Dragon Heart
Rotten BreathNone1 Dragon Heart
Smarag’s Glintstone BreathGlintstone Dragon Smarag2 Dragon Hearts
Theodorix’s MagmaGreat Wyrm Theodorix2 Dragon Hearts

Though the Church of Dragon Communion seems like an important place, not all incantations can be purchased there. The go-to for Dragon Communion incantations will be the cathedral in Caelid.


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