Akali has been banned in every LCS and LEC game of 2020

By Marta Juras


Feb 8, 2020

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Akali has a 100% presence rate across Riot Games’ largest League of Legends tournaments, including the 2020 Spring Splits of LEC, LCS, LCK, and LPL.

While casual League of Legends players wonder why Akali keeps getting balance updates, pro players are well aware of her overpowered potential. Since the start of the 2020 season, there hasn’t been a single game in which Akali wasn’t either picked or banned in North America, Europe, Korea, or China.

Akali banned in every 2020 LCS and LEC match so far

The 2020 LCS and LEC Spring Split players aren’t taking their chances with the champion. In 45 games played so far in both of the western tournaments, Akali was banned every single time. Even more so, she was the first ban in large majority of matches.

Though eastern teams usually focus on a different meta, the 2020 LPL and LCK Spring Split teams share their opinion on Akali’s power level with the western teams. Though Akali wasn’t banned in every single match, she still had a 100% presence rate. Thus, the assassin was picked or banned over 50 times in the LPL and LCK combined.

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Not a single other champion reached this high presence rate across the different leagues this season. Rumble has a 100% presence rate in the LCS and LPL, and Aphelios and Sett are constants in the LCK, but only Akali shows up on top of the list in all four major leagues.

On the other hand, Akali isn’t so popular with the casual League of Legends players. In fact, her win rate in most solo queue tiers remains quite low. But pro players can exploit her kit in a very different way.

She keeps getting reworked, buffed, and nerfed. It’s almost like it’s impossible for Riot to find the balance that works across all skill levels ever since her major rework first launched in 2018. With incredible mobility, invisibility, and damage, Akali’s kit offers a lot of opportunity for outplays. But she’s mechanically hard, and this strength can’t be utilized by just anyone.


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