Aceu thinks Valorant leaderboard is rigged, Tenz and Doinkmachine97 on top

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 18, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Riot has launched the Valorant leaderboards for North America, which shows Tyson “TenZ” Ngo as the second-best player. Doinkmachine97 is the underrated prodigy who has usurped Tenz from his number one spot. 

As if Doinkmachine97 replacing Tenz wasn’t enough to shock the fans, both the players have managed to acquire three spots on the leaderboard. Tenz continues to dominate the NA scene by sitting on ranks 2, 18, and 33 whereas Doinkmachine97, also known as poiz, has managed to reign over top spots on ranks 1, 8, and 13. 

The current ranks on leaderboards basically mean that five spots in North America top 20 are acquired solely by two players. 

Poiz previously had two accounts, and both of them made it to the October leaderboard.

The Jett main has kept appearing on the Valorant leaderboards in a row. Despite his impressive ranking, he remains to be extremely underrated as very few people know about his YouTube channel “PoizFps” where he frequently uploads his Valorant clips.

Conversely, Tenz, who has amassed a massive following due to his insane Valorant plays, lost his number one spot to poiz.  Tenz has said that queue time on his main account exceeded one to two hours, which led him to make an alternate account Killua, and then another alt Hisoka. Had he continued to play on his main account, the Cloud9’s Valorant prodigy might have been able to continue being the best player in NA.

Valorant players are confused about leaderboard rankings

Many new names debuted on Valorant’s leaderboards including NRG’s Brandon “Ace” Winn who wasn’t so happy about making it to the list. The Valorant professional thinks that leaderboards are rigged since he hasn’t played enough matches to make it to the top 100.

Acue further said that he failed to secure any spot in the previous leaderboard when he was actually playing the game.

GenG’s Shawn “Shawn” O’Riley, who ranked number five on the list, was quite surprised about making it to the top as he has been inactive on his main account. William “Will” Cheng, who’s the seventh-best player in NA, has the same reservations. Will claims that he hasn’t played on his main account in “the past couple of weeks.” BBJ Joseph “Bjor” Bjorklund, who sits at number 10, is also confused about his standing.

Since no one knows the process behind these leaderboards, it’s hard to say that rankings are unfair or rigged. There are high chances that previous ranked MMR is coming into play in this act too.

As Tenz has barely played a few matches on his main account yet, he’s number. Poiz played more games than Tenz on his main account, allowing him to outmaneuver Tenz on the leaderboard.