A new support build turns Yanfei into a Genshin Impact healer

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A new Yanfei support build is taking over Genshin Impact and transforming her into a top-tier healer.

Yanfei is a bit of an odd duck in Genshin Impact. The four-star catalyst wielder is mostly played as a budget DPS option. Her Scarlet Seal stacks can deal decent damage and her pyro attacks can trigger the best offensive elemental reactions. But due to her weapon type and low rarity, she doesn’t rank very high on most Genshin Impact main DPS tier lists. Inventive players have discovered that Yanfei can succeed as a support instead.

The new Yanfei support build relies on her fourth constellation upgrade. Supreme Amnesty creates a shield equal to 45% of Yanfei’s max HP whenever she uses her elemental burst. Done Deal’s relatively low 80 energy cost means it’s spammable, especially with some energy recharge artifacts. When combined with the right weapon, Yanfei can become a shield-breaker, healer, and shielder while buffing damage output with pyro resonance. That’s enough to balance out any adventure team.

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The build is particularly popular on the Chinese Genshin Impact server. Her toolkit synergizes very well with Hu Tao, Eula, and other fragile DPS characters. Her biggest pyro shield competitor is Thoma, but Yanfei’s shield does not deal damage. This sounds like a downside, but it actually allows for more consistent vaporize reactions and higher damage output.

How to build Yanfei support in Genshin Impact

The most important part of Yanfei’s support build is constellation four. It’s the only way to create a shield, so if you haven’t pulled five Yanfeis, keep her as a DPS. 

The best weapon for Yanfei support is Prototype Amber. This forgeable four-star catalyst has a very useful effect that allows Yanfei to become a healer. At refinement five, Yanfei’s elemental burst will restore 18 energy to herself and 18% max HP to all party members. When combined with energy recharge artifacts, this can make Yanfei’s burst available as soon as it comes off cooldown.

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Since support Yanfei is all about versatility, her best artifact build is Noblesse Oblige. The full set increases burst damage by 20% and boosts the party’s attack by 20% every time Done Deal is used. Remember that Noblesse Oblige buff does not stack, so keeping Oblige Bennet or Xingqiu in the party is redundant. Look for energy recharge on the timepiece and HP for the rest of the slots.


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