A full guide to Rainbow Six Extraction’s January 2022 release

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Rainbow Six Extraction takes your favorite Siege operators on a mission like no other.

If you’re disappointed with Back 4 Blood, Ubisoft is releasing a new zombie shooter unlike anything else in the genre. Rainbow Six Extraction is a team-based zombie shooter that borrows heavily from Siege while maintaining its own identity. The maps are big, the objectives are diverse, and the evolving gameplay adds a ton of replayability. If you’re excited about Rainbow Six Extraction, here’s everything you need to know before the game’s early 2022 release date.

Release date for Rainbow Six Quarantine

Rainbow Six Quarantine’s official release date is January 20, 2022. The game will be available on Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and current and previous generations of Xbox and PlayStation. PC players will have to purchase Extraction through the Epic Games Store, though a future Steam edition is likely.

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Extraction will be available in two editions upon release. The standard edition costs $39.99 and comes with the base game and a buddy pass. The Extraction buddy pass allows you to grant the game to two friends for 14 days at no cost. They’ll be able to download and play all content with you. The deluxe edition, which costs $49.99, includes three exclusive cosmetic packs. Each one comes with an outfit, headgear, gun skin, and gun charm.

What happened to Rainbow Six Quarantine?

Rainbow Six Quarantine has officially changed its name to Rainbow Six Extraction.

Ubisoft decided to change the name of the game due to the current state of global health. The original name of the game was determined long before early 2020. Quarantine was a little too on-the-nose given the state of medical affairs, so the new name is Extraction. Aside from obvious further development, Extraction is the exact same game as Rainbow Six Quarantine.

Rainbow Six Extraction is the third name used for the game. During internal beta tests, Ubisoft called the game Rainbow Six Infection. The subtitle switched to Quarantine for the official reveal at E3 2019. The final name change to Extraction was announced on June 8, 2021. 

Will Rainbow Six Extraction replace Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege will continue post-launch development after Extraction’s release.

While they both borrow elements from Tom Clancy’s espionage action series, Siege and Extraction are two very different games. Extraction is a cooperative game similar to Back 4 Blood or Left 4 Dead. In Extraction, teams of up to three players fight against computer-controlled swarms of enemies called the Archaeans. The game is entirely player-versus-enemy. Extraction’s 18 operators all come from Siege, including fan favorites like Taachanka, Jager, Smoke, IQ, and more. 

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Rainbow Six Siege is a competitive player-versus-player title where teams of five operators stack up against each other to rescue hostages and defuse bombs. Considering the game’s status as a popular casual title and esports, Siege will continue to be developed alongside Extraction. In fact, Ubisoft may choose to incorporate some parts of Extraction into Siege, both cosmetic and mechanical.


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