A flurry of coaching changes hit OWL prior to start of Stage 2

Rebekah Drake • April 5, 00:48

A number of teams in the Overwatch League are making changes to their coaching staffs just in time for the start of Stage 2.

Paris Eternal, Washington Justice, Toronto Defiant, and Dallas Fuel have all lost coaches this week, with the announcements being made just before the next round of matches are set to begin.

The head coach of the Paris Eternal, Julien “daemoN” Ducros, is among those coaches to leave their positions. He first joined the Paris Eternal after working with Los Angeles Valliant during the inaugural OWL season, and he had worked with three of the Eternal’s players as head coach of the French Word Cup team in 2018. Félix “Féfé” Münch will be replacing deamoN, having been promoted from assistant coach within the organisation.

Christian “cocco” Johnson will also be leaving his team, as he will be heading back to his home country of Sweden. Having previously worked as an assistant coach for Dallas Fuel since the start of training for Stage 2, cocco has expressed wishes to return to his family in Sweden. The Fuel have hired former Eternal coach daemoN to replace him, and daemoN who will focus on coaching the Fuel’s tanks just as did cocco.

Just like with the Paris Eternal team, deamoN will be working with multiple team members already familiar with the coach from previous coaching stints.

The Washington Justice announced the departure of one of its coaches on the same day did as Paris and Dallas.

Mark “Obasill” Regush will be leaving the Justice organisation. He was one of five coaches for the team, so it is unclear if his position of will need to be filled or if the team’s remaining four coaches will be handling Obasill’s duties amongst themselves.

Finally, strategic coach Dongwook “Don” Kim of Toronto Defiant will also be leaving his organisation. It is unclear why Don is leaving the Defiant, but with his extensive coaching resume it is unlikely that he will find it difficult to find a new position within the professional Overwatch scene if he so chooses.


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