A first look at Genshin Impact 1.6 with new Inazuma characters

Kenneth Williams • June 8, 08:25

miHoYo has revealed four new Genshin Impact characters set to debut in the 1.6 Inazuma update.

The first new character is Yoimiya, the Frolicking Flames. Yoimiya appears to be an archer with a Pyro vision. Her combination is shared with Amber, but she could be the first five-star Pyro archer. She’s also the owner of Naganohara Fireworks, which could play a role in the 1.6 Inazuma story chapter.

The next reveal was Kaedehara Kazuha, whose tagline is Scarlet Leaves Pursue Wild Waves. The community has already pointed out Kazuha’s striking resemblance to the Traveler. Their shared Anemo vision and sword skills draw further comparison. His story blurb paints him as a samurai who left his home, though fans will have to wait until the Inazuma update to learn why.

Fans have been excited for Kamisato Ayaka since her first appearance in the Genshin Impact beta. The Cryo vision-equipped swordswoman practices battojutsu, the martial art of drawing a sword and striking at the same time. An early look at her story paints her as a prominent businesswoman in Inazuma, possibly rivaling Ningguang’s position in Liyue.

The final reveal was Sayu, a young shinobi sporting an Anemo vision. Her official title of Shiyuumatsu-Ban’s Resident Ninja paints her as a crafty fighter. Her weapon is not yet confirmed, though fans speculate that she will use either a claymore or polearm. She appears to be listed as a four-star character in data-mined update files, but the ninja is suitably the most mysterious of the new Genshin Impact 1.6 characters.

The long-awaited 1.6 update will also add a new region to Genshin Impact. Inazuma borrows a lot of aesthetics from feudal Japan, which is reflected in the four revealed characters. The update will include an entire new continent to explore as well as several new events including Main Cannon, Echoing Tales, Never-Ending Battle, and Legend of the Vagabond Sword.

Fan favorite catalyst user Klee will be on the first 1.6 banner, which will hopefully include some of the new reveals as four stars.


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