Epic Games reveals new Fortnite bug fixes in update v13.40

Epic is using their latest update, v13.40, to address a lot of bugs that have been bothering Fortnite players. 

Fortnite developers outlined the upcoming changes in their public Trello board of "community issues." There are four battle royale-related bugs that are marked as "fixed in future game update" on the board. 

Fortnite  bug fixes

One such bug is that a few challenges may not appear to count if a player is in duos or squads. This includes "Land at Frenzy Farm and finish Top 25" and "Land at The Yacht and finish Top 25." For now, Epic is advising players to play in solo or team rumble if they want to complete these particular challenges. 

Another concern for Fortnite players has been the XP bar being visually incorrect during matches. Epic acknowledged that this has been discussed at least a couple of times by the Fortnite community already, and the developer is aware of how frustrating it can be when a player appears to level up during the match only to find out later that they really haven't. 

"In these instances, please reference the XP bar in the Lobby for an accurate display," Epic stated. 

Fortnite players have also been discussing another bug where they can't pick up Ocean's Bottomless Chug Jug. 

"Players may be unable to pick up Ocean's Bottomless Chug Jug while it's recharging if it was dropped by another player. In this situation, they'll get the 'Backpack Full!' message even if they have an open inventory slot," Fortnite developers explained. 

Epic Fortnite glitch

Another issue they're currently investigating is a bug where players may move slower after redeploying the Glider in a few situations. 

Update v13.40 will also address a PC-specific bug where players can see a mouse cursor on their screen even if they're playing with a controller. 

There may be other updates and bug fixes in store for Fortnite's next update. Epic has yet to make any further statements on possible changes. There also isn't a set date for update v13.40, although it will most likely arriving between August 4 and August 11. 

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