Jensen leaves Cloud9 for Team Liquid in transfer shock

Danish mid laner Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen is leaving Cloud9 and joining Team Liquid.

In a surprising roster move, Jensen was announced as the new mid laner for Team Liquid. Jensen joined the NA LCS in 2015, and has since become an emblematic player for the team alongside Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi. Jensen will replace Eugene “Pobelter” Park.

Jensen started his career in 2012 but quickly ran into difficulties as he was banned from competitive League of Legends the following year. After a long rehabilitation process, he was allowed to return to the stage and it was Cloud9 that gave him a second chance.

With Cloud9, Jensen qualified for every World Championship since 2015. The squad most recently made it to the semifinals before falling against Fnatic.

Despite the good results with Cloud9, Jensen decided to switch teams. He now joins Team Liquid, back-to-back champions in the NA LCS in 2018.

Explaining the decision, Jensen admitted that he hadn’t agreed with the direction Cloud9 had settled on for the future and had requested a transfer to Liquid as a result. Jensen praised the strong voices and veteran players on Team Liquid, and made it clear that he made the move with the intention of capturing a world championship trophy.

“I believe that being outspoken and critical about one’s self and one’s team is something that’s important for continued success. These were all things that I felt were lacking on Cloud 9, and were the reasons why Team Liquid was my first and only choice,” Jensen said.

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