Fortnite Red Strike starter pack content and visuals leaked

A new cosmetics pack for Fortnite has been discovered by data miners. 

According to the newly leaked information, the collection of loot will be called Red Strike and will be packaged as a starter pack in the game. 

The leaked content pack was discovered by popular Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR on Twitter. First shared on August 11, that shared code reveals information on just what the the pack will include, and even provides some item descriptions for the new goods. 

The Red Strike pack will apparently include one outfit or skin, one piece of Back Bling, and 600 V-Bucks. The item description suggests an assassin theme being provided to the new cosmetics, with the quote “Silence your foes.” The theme is further continued by the asset names revealed in the code that ShiinaBR posted. The phrase “Street Assassin” appears multiple times in those assets. 

Though the leaker was unable to provide a picture, a separate source at FBNRLeaks, did manage to access the assets in-game to provide the Fortnite community with a visual of the leaked loot.

Although no price could be determined from the discovered code, it will likely cost the same as previously released starter packs. The current pack available in the store is priced at $4.99 USD. This current also includes one skin, one Back Bling item, and 600 V-Bucks, so it’s very likely that the leaked pack will bring with it the same price tag.

The Wilde Pack may not be available to purchase for much longer if a new starter pack is on the horizon. Previous packs, such as the Laguna Pack or Cobalt Pack, have only been available for a limited time before being replaced by the next pack in line.

It is unclear when the Red Strike Pack will be available for players or when Epic Games will confirm the leak as true, if they choose to confirm it at all prior to releasing the content to players.

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