Fortnite Ballers are back in Arena and players are not happy

Vehicles are back in Arena just in time for the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers this weekend, and many players are not happy. 

"Hey y'all. We have fixed the issue with players getting stuck inside vehicles in the latest update," Fortnite announced on Reddit. 

Vehicles, like the controversial Baller, were first removed from the battle royale's competitive modes thanks to some game-breaking bugs. Competitors who entered the vehicles would find themselves stuck with no way of getting out. While they could drive around the map, they ended up as large and easily vulnerable targets. 

As a result, Epic removed the vehicles while they worked on a fix.

This was one bug that the Fortnite community seemed largely pleased with. Many players found that they enjoyed Arena mode more once the Baller was removed. The protective ball gave its occupants incredible mobility, which gave them easy access to high ground and a huge advantage during rotations.

NRG Esports pro player Benjy "Benjyfishy" David Fish was succinct in his thoughts on the move in a post on Reddit.

Pros upset about return of Ballers vehicles Fortnite World Cup

The sudden disappearance of some of the most overpowered mobility items in the game last week forced World Cup competitors to switch up their strategy mid-qualifier. Now, with the vehicles being implemented once again, players will have to again rethink their game plans going into this weekend's action.

The 9.10 patch released earlier today also introduced the new Downtown Drop LTM, new Hot Spots around the map that contain increased supply drops, and Loot Carriers that drop a weapon of rare or higher quality along with two stacks of ammo. 

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