100 Thieves is currently on an 8-game winning streak in the LCS

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After several years of chasing an LCS trophy, 100 Thieves is finally looking like a team that can go all the way for this 2021 LCS Summer Split. 

100 Thieves is currently topping the LCS after the fifth week of the split. With a split record of 13-2 and 24-9 throughout the whole season, 100 Thieves is placed at the top of the leaderboard in front of the three big organizations TSM, Cloud9, and Team Liquid. The recent dominance from 100 Thieves might come as a shock to many, but it’s something that has been under way for a long time and now the fruits are finally being harvested. 

Abbedagge has filled the gap for 100 Thieves in mid

The most recent change to the 100 Thieves roster is likely also one of the biggest why the team is finally starting to shine. After picking up mid laner Felix “Abbedagge” Braun for the summer split, 100 Thieves has looked like a completely different team with a lot more consistency to its name. The German mid laner has brought 100 Thieves a high level of play in a lane where the team has usually been known to struggle. 

Throughout the organization’s time in the LCS, 100 Thieves has tried out several mid laners without much success. With previous mid laners such as Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook, Max “Soligo” Soong, and Tommy “ry0ma” Lee, 100 Thieves has always ended up with a weak spot in mid. Now that Abbedagge has taken over, it finally looks like the team has found the perfect match. 

So far in his first LCS split, Abbedagge is fielding the second-highest KDA among the LCS mid laners at 6.2. Abbedagge has played a variety of champions already, proving to the world that his champion pool is very solid. With carry performances on champions like Akali, Ryze, and Azir, Abbedagge is looking like a player that can succeed on anything the team needs of him. 

The old Golden Guardians trio is consistent as ever

Another big strength of 100 Thieves is the former Golden Guardians trio of Can “Closer” Çelikm, Ian “FBI” Huang, and Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun. The three have played together since the start of 2020 and are looking like a well-oiled machine when they help each other on the map and outperform opponents in team fights.

The bot lane of FBI and huhi has been the rock of 100 Thieves so far, with consistent performances in almost every game. FBI currently has the highest KDA in the league at 8.1 and has only died 20 times in 15 games. This speaks towards the control this bot lane can put up and how the games are usually played exactly the way FBI and huhi wants it. The two might not always be the most flashy players, but will always be there to perform when it matters. 

At last, 100 Thieves has gained a lot after picking up Closer. The Turkish jungler has earned his import slot a hundred times with the early-game pressure he can put onto the map on almost any champion. Closer is mainly known as a carry jungler, but has also been able to help his team out on bruisers and tanks when needed. His best champion this split has been Rumble, where he has hit one game-breaking ultimate after the other.  

Veteran top laner Ssumday still has the X factor

100 Thieves likely wouldn’t be a top team without its veteran top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho. Ssumday has been with the organization since it entered the LCS back in 2018, where Ssumday helped the team reach first place in the regular split and later on a spot in the final where Team Liquid ended up running with the trophy. 

Since then, 100 Thieves has not been able to reach a final again but it’s definitely looking like it could happen this split. As a player that has been with the team since its birth, Ssumday knows the in and outs of the organization and has grown into a leader on the map. The South Korean top laner has been a star player ever since his time on KT Rolster and continues to work hard to bring glory to the North American region. 

With hard competition in the North American top lane, Ssumday is still rocking some of the best stats. He currently has the second-highest KDA of all top laners, with a total of 45 kills and 32 deaths. For a top laner this is more than enough for 100 Thieves to gather wins, as Ssumday is by no means needed to carry in most cases. 

Overall, 100 Thieves has a team that is looking rock solid and hard to take down. There are currently no weak points on the map, which makes the team incredibly scary against any opponent. With a lot of confidence, it will take a big effort to take down 100 Thieves and keep it away from the LCS final and a spot at the 2021 World Championship. 

The next team to try and stop 100 Thieves’ win streak will be Golden Guardians on Friday, July 9. 


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