xQc demands fair treatment for C9 Ziqo after Twitch suspension

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel has come forward in support of veteran World of Warcraft streamer Mohammad “Ziqo” Beshir after he was mysteriously suspended from Twitch on January 19. 

Long-time Twitch streamer Ziqo was handed a ban of seven days without any clarification from the Amazon-owned live streaming platform. Sharp silence from Twitch’s part caused a frenzy among Ziqo’s fans, slamming Twitch for unfair treatment. xQc joined the streamer in his strive to get a response, urging Twitch to send a timestamp or fix. 

xQc is no stranger to out-of-the-blue bans and suspensions. Thanks to his loyal viewer base, his comebacks post-ban have always been bigger in terms of numbers. However, the streamer argued that such bans could reduce traction overnight. Years of hard work could go down the drain if a streamer fails to regain the viewership after pointless bans. 

WoW streamer ziqo suspended from Twitch for “no reason”

Zico is not a new name to the Twitch Gaming community. The WoW streamer started producing content in 2010 and has managed to keep a clean slate since. Zico currently boasts thousands of subscribers on Twitch and YouTube combined.

However, it’s his reputation in the WoW community that sets him apart from new faces in gaming. His Twitch channel had become a go-to platform for WoW’s devoted player base. 

Cloud9’s streamer took to YouTube to reveal that Twitch had sent him a “copy-pasta” response, following his seven-day ban, claiming that he was banned for using a hateful slur. He doesn’t recall using abusive language on his stream and Twitch’s vague response doesn’t help much, Ziqo said. 

With zero controversies in his streaming career, Twitch’s mysterious suspension is shocking for fans and Ziqo alike. In his efforts to be better, the streamer had reached out to Twitch to read the ban’s severity. According to Ziqo, he wanted clarification to ensure that he won’t repeat whatever mistake he made. 

Consequently, Ziqo won’t be able to show at Twitch Participation Ceremony as a presenter. Seemingly short suspension further mars his Twitch channel, as he can’t participate in similar promotions and Twitch bounties for the next three months. 

With Twitch’s silence on the matter, Ziqo has been fossicking through his VODs, looking for a possible cause behind the ban. The streamer’s request to know the suspension’s reason makes sense as a baseless seven-day ban doesn’t benefit anyone. Without understanding the cause, the mistake will likely repeat in future streams.