When is the Overwatch Summer Games event returning?

Olivia Richman • March 23, 16:04

With Overwatch 2 development underway, Blizzard has stuck to simplified events for the original Overwatch title. This means a lot of skins are on offer, which the Overwatch community isn’t complaining about. 

While fans have pined for events that include interesting game modes, maps, and other more extensive updates, these simple events have given the community a lot of amazing skins. This includes Roadhog’s Pachimari-themed skin and Hanzo’s Kyogisha skin. 

The next event on the list is the game’s annual Summer Games event. This often introduces challenges and skins based on the Olympic Games. These sports-themed outfits are fan favorites, though the continued return of Lucio Ball has been met with very mixed feelings. 

When will Overwatch’s Summer Games take place? 

Blizzard hasn’t revealed when the Summer Games will return, but it’s been in August every other year. In 2016, its inaugural year, it was August 2 through August 22. In 2020, the event was from August 4 to August 25. Even though it was in July in 2019, so it’s pretty safe to say that the Summer Games will be in August if it follows previous years at all. 

What skins will we get in the Overwatch Summer Games?

taeguekgi D.Va skin

Fans can expect leaks and teasers in July leading up to the event. But for now, it’s unclear what the three Epic and five Legendary skins will be. The usual themes for these skins include sports, summer activities, and even heroes representing their home countries. Taeguekgi D.Va is a fan-favorite, as well as Surf’s Up Echo and Widowmaker’s bathing suit skin. 

Some of the skins will only be available if players get lucky with loot boxes. Others may be rewarded through weekly challenges. Sand Castle Bastion and Ice Cream Orisa were the rewards for weekly challenges in the past. Each week, players will earn a Legendary skin if they win nine games. 

There will be more than skins up for grabs in the event, of course. There will also be sprays, voice lines, emotes, and player icons. They will all be themed after summer activities and sports. 

Will Lucioball return in 2021? 

Lucioball Overwatch

Lucioball has both fans and haters in the Overwatch community. The Rocket League-like arcade game is inspired in part by Brazil’s success in soccer. Players can compete in Busan Stadium, Sydney Harbour Arena, and Estadio de Ras. Overwatch has also started to add new challenges each week related to the game, but will it return in 2021? It’s currently yet to be determined.

Lucioball lasts four minutes, having two teams of Lucios compete to score the most points. Developers recently added Lucioball Remix, which has two balls instead of one. 

Aside from making these changes each year, Lucioball has remained largely the same. And a lot of people don’t like it. Blizzard has been accused of being lazy due to the repetitiveness of the games that keep coming back during each event. But with Overwatch 2 taking up a lot of the team’s efforts, Lucioball will most likely return to Overwatch this year with a few minor changes. 


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