What to expect from esports gambling in 2021

By William Davis


Mar 4, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The rise of online gaming has completely redefined the industry, offering punters a far more convenient experience than what was available in years past. Whether it’s sportsbooks or online casinos like Singapore, things have been revolutionized over the last several years. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this is esports. 

  • Esports is a sports competition based off of video games.
  • It’s played in structured leagues and tournaments like traditional sports such as basketball and soccer.
  • These tournaments can be grandiose events that attract large crowds.
  • Esports has grown very rapidly over the last few years, with some projecting it to eclipse traditional sports by the end of the decade. 

Betting in Esports: 

The Esports betting market is booming and is projected to be worth up to $30 billion in 2021. Esports betting works largely the same as betting in traditional sports and as such, it has similar rules and best practices.

You should not let your personal biases interfere with your betslip, and you should make sure you’re not betting on tilt. Always bet within your limits and don’t be hasty. Esports is unique because of how regularly upsets can happen, but don’t let past experiences with a team or player influence your decisions.

There’s also an abundance of contests to bet on and a number of different markets therein. It’s a lot to keep up on so it’s best to find one specific game and region to focus on when betting.

There’s still some extra lingo when it comes to esports specifically, though. Here are some of the different types of betting.

  • Skin betting is where you can bet and swap in-game items.
  • Real money betting where you get real money if your selection wins.
  • Challenge betting, or “money matches,” is where gamers compete with each other for real money.
  • Social betting is a game amongst friends which may involve real money, but not necessarily. Think about it like an office pool.

How to choose a betting site:

  • Trusted and Reliable: 

The site you choose for esports betting should be a reliable one. It should have a reputation for paying out winnings in a timely manner, as is the case with some popular betting platforms. If you end up making big money, it’s important to make sure you’ll be able to actually collect on it. Some sites make withdrawal difficult by restricting the amount. Yet another bogus site may freeze your account too. Perform thorough research and read reviews to get an idea about the trustworthiness of the site. 

  • Safety: 

Esports gambling involves a lot of money and a lot of personal information. Make sure you choose a site that has good security and is properly licensed. 

  • User-friendly: 

Check if the operations of the site are user-friendly. Not all websites are intuitive for every player and not all of them have the best interface. Make sure to find one that suits you and how you plan on playing.

What’s in store for esports betting in 2021?

Increased legalization in the US has caused an upward trend in the online gambling industry. This makes for a better experience for American bettors thanks to new protective laws for the players, increased online security, and better responsible gaming tools.

You may notice a surge in the number of players when the necessary reforms occur, which will create a massive new market for the industry. Different forms of online gambling have already seen an increase in the number of bettors. This wealth will likely be spread around further from there through new sponsorships and partnerships as well..

Several new operators are taking the plunge and becoming serious players right out of the gate. There will be a sea of opportunities for operators the world over when things settle.


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