Week 14 mission guide for the Diretide battle pass

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Diretide week 14 is really just more of the same, but what else can you expect from Valve at this point?

Carry players who love rushing neutral items and buying Blink Daggers will have a ball this week, as many of the missions are particularly suited to their playstyle. As for the rest of the Dota 2 community, it’s easy to make piecemeal progress on each mission regardless of your preferred role. Our mission guide for Diretide week 14 will get you free battle pass levels as quickly as possible.

Diretide battle pass week 14 mission guide

Missions for Diretide week 14

What Does This Button Do

15 matches. Quite a bit if you stop to think about it. Assuming an hour total per game with the queue and draft and everything else, that’s more than half a day in the week to dedicate to Dota 2. That estimation also doesn’t account for the possibility of a four-hour marathon slog that breaks the game engine, but such things are just occupational hazards for Dota 2 grinders.

No Dumping Allowed

The five-star Diretide challenge for week 14 requires interrupting 30 enemies while they are attempting to deposit taffy in a well. Mobility and stuns are crucial for this, making Earth Spirit a great choice. Anyone else with an area stun can make it work, but just remember that you must cancel the channel itself. 30 is a lot, but three stars only require 12 disruptions across multiple wins or losses.

Something Of A Collector

Collecting neutral items is usually relegated to a passive farming core, but everyone has the incentive to hit the jungle once they become available this week. Something Of A Collector asks players to collect three, ten, and 20 neutral items from the jungle. Carries players should have an easy time on this one, but any hero can contribute whenever a new tier goes live.

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Tumbling Lumber

The Cut Corp is back for week 14 of Diretide. Three stars in this mission require destroying an oddly-specific 425 trees across multiple won games. Timbersaw is truly the best hero for this challenge, as all of his abilities destroy trees in one way or another. Mars’ Arena of Blood can clear out dozens, though micro players may prefer Nature’s Prophet despite his still-abysmal win rate.

It’s For Stabbing

Blink Dagger is the most iconic item in all of Dota 2. Great on nearly every hero, the item is arguably the central point that all of Dota 2 is balanced around. Valve wants players using it this week, as It’s For Stabbing requires 18 hero kills shortly after blinking. Most offlaners including Slardar and Centaur Warrunner, will do, but certain cores like Juggernaut or Sven can get it done even quicker.

Home Invasion

To earn three stars for Home Invasion, players will need to kill Roshan a total of 12 times across multiple matches. The best heroes for this are ones that can secure Roshan early such as Troll Warlord, Huskar, and obviously Ursa. Remember that this mission only requires killing Roshan, so feel free to leave the Aegis as a pick-me-up for the enemy carry.


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