Viego bug lets new LoL champion reach 40 attack speed

By Christian Vejvad


Jan 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

New champions often come packaged with a lot of bugs and Viego is no exception. 

Viego is currently available for testing on the Public Beta Environment and players are already starting to find some ridiculous bugs on the new jungler. One of the most noticeable ones is the fact that Viego can reach over 40.00 attack speed by killing Kog’Maw over and over again. Every time Viego kills Kog’Maw and uses his passive Sovereign’s Domination, he will gain a 15% permanent bonus attack speed.  

While this interaction is clearly unintended by Riot, it does result in a crazy attack speed as Viego stacks up the bug. Not only will Viego have a higher attack speed than ever seen before, but he is also able to use it through other champions that he possesses. To reach this amount of attack speed, Viego would have to take down Kog’Maw many times and it would never be realistic in a real game. With that said, getting 15% permanent attack speed for killing an enemy champion is very substantial. 

The current attack speed limit is two and a half attacks per second but Viego takes that to a whole other level through this bug. Players have previously been able to reach a maximum of five attacks per second back in 2015 where Kog’Maw got his rework. This rework has since then been reverted.

As Viego continues to be tested on the PBE, Riot will be cleaning up all bugs and weird interactions related to him. This bug will likely be fixed very soon and won’t exist when Viego hits the live servers. 

Viego will be available for play when he enters the League of Legends during patch 11.2.   

When will Viego be released in LoL?

Viego is already set to release on the live servers during patch 11.2, which will be released on January 21. Viego may not be available immediately on the patch’s release, but his arrival will likely come in the days that follow. Players are currently able to test Viego on the PBE to give Riot the chance to adjust and balance him before he hits the servers. 

Will Viego be viable in LoL?

It’s hard to say if Viego will be viable before he is released but everything indicates that he will be. Viego is an attack damage jungler who will likely be able to carry games alone. His kit has damage, crowd control, and stealth, which will fit the current jungle meta perfectly. Since the 2021 preseason started, the jungle role has been very strong and Viego will likely be able to take advantage of that. 


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