Valorant releases new First Strike trailer before NA main event

By Olivia Richman


Nov 27, 2020

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Valorant has released a trailer celebrating the intense First Strike tournaments taking place all over the globe. 

The trailer, called “That New Fire,” showcases agent action in multiple regions, including Brazil, Korea, Europe, and North America. The heavily edited video showed some high-intensity moments from matches at previous First Fire events, complete with animated casting and headshots. 

The First Strike trailer was released before First Strike main tournaments within each region, all of which will take place December 3 through December 6. 

The best North American Valorant teams to watch in First Strike

Riot has been producing a lot of videos lately. Another video showcasing the top eight teams in the North American main event was posted a few days ago. The teams include TSM, Immortals, T1, FaZe Clan, Renegades, 100 Thieves, and Sentinels. 

One team to watch is 100 Thieves. They started off First Strike looking very rocky before ultimately parting ways with the majority of their team. But captain Spencer “hiko” Martin built up a new team that’s put 100 Thieves at the top of almost every list of the best North American teams in Valorant.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros Nick “nitr0” Cannella and Josh “steel” Nissan really turned the squad around. 100 Thieves finished second at the Nerd Street Gamers Closed Qualifier, advancing to the main event after defeating TSM and Sentinels. 

Fans were surprised when they lost in the finals to Team Envy. The underdog team ended up becoming the number one seed for the First Strike main event. 

It’s possible that their comparative lack of big names and personalities has left Team Envy a bit overlooked. While the team has yet to defeat Sentinels, Cloud9, and TSM, Team Envy’s roster has proven their individual skills. Now they will have to face these top teams in the main event if they want to prove they are truly one of the best teams in North America. 

The first place Valorant squad will walk away from the action with $40,000. 


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