Valorant players can hide your utility on this secret spot on Breeze

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Breeze is the latest addition to Valorant’s map pool and players still haven’t unleashed all the secret spots. 

The sixth location, Breeze, introduced plenty of fresh features to the dull Valorant map pool. With its beachy scenery, palm trees, and vast, open area, Breeze has everything that other maps lacked. It turns out it also has a secret spot that can hide tossable utility. 

Agents like Killjoy and Viper have the unique power to deploy their utility in favorable areas. Unfortunately, the devices are easily trackable, which can put the team at a disadvantage. While Killjoy’s Nano swarms are hard to detect, Viper’s triangular smoke is a solid object that’s visible to enemies from afar. One-ways are a great way to squeeze full juice of these tangible devices while being sneaky but the complicated learning lineups aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

You’re in luck if Breeze is your favorite map or you keep getting matches in this new location. There’s a spot on Breeze’s point A that keeps your utility safe and hidden. 

The pillar on point A’s default is clean on the surface, but a suspicious wooden plank is resting on the opposite side. It turns out you can slide your tiny smoke and molotov devices behind the plank in a simple way. Just move a few steps away from the pillar and aim at the edge of the first tile. Throw the device you’re holding and watch it slide behind the plank into complete hiding. 

This lineup works on Killjoy’s Nano swarm and Viper’s smoke launcher. You can activate the device to deal damage against a defuser or prevent the enemy from planting the Spike. The smoke may help you injure the enemy when they lure around the pillar. You may also want to start clearing out this angle to ensure that enemies aren’t hiding their tools behind the wood. 

There are tons of other spots on Breeze that may help you hide your utility for one-ways or simple as decoys. Thanks to its large area loaded with easter eggs and choke points. There’s undoubtedly plenty of undiscovered spots on Breeze that may bolster your team strategy. With the correct agent, Breeze can be extremely rewarding.

Is Breeze an attacker sided map? 

Breeze is a relatively balanced map, leaning more in favor of attackers due to its size. Defenders may find it hard to rotate quickly if attackers execute a fake A to B setup, making it one of the best locations to play as attackers. Moreover, the extensive bomb points earn it challenging for defenders to cover more area with two agents per site. 


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