Twitch DMCA crackdown gets m0xyy permabanned

Olivia Richman • November 14, 06:06

Despite scrambling to delete all his clips and vods, Twitch partner m0xyy was just permanently banned from the streaming platform. 

Earlier today, it was reported that m0xy was banned from Twitch. Even though it was m0xyy’s first ban, it appears to have been permanent.

The variety streamer has been innocently playing Among Us, Minecraft, and other casual games for the past few weeks. But m0xyy tweeted a couple days ago that he received two strikes against his account within one week due to Twitch’s DMCA crackdown. 

“I believe the next one will be a permanent ban,” the worried streamer told hi fans. “I’m going to be deleting all my clips and VODs. Hopefully all will be done in the next couple of days.” 

But it appears that the clip purge didn’t happen in time. 

Why was m0xyy banned from Twitch?

m0xyy’s permanent ban from the platform has many of his fans frustrated with Twitch. A lot of streamers have been quite vocal about the incoming wave of DMCA-related bans over the past few months, which has Twitch handing out punishments without warning to streamers who misuse copyrighted music. 

In a recent blog post, Twitch admitted that they should be doing a better job of alerting content creators when they enact a DMCA takedown. While they claimed they would provide more details and support in the future, it seems as though streamers like m0xyy are still being taken off guard with the sudden strikes and punishments. 

Twitch stated on Twitter that deleted videos would no longer receive DMCA strikes. But streamers are remaining skeptical of the entire situation. Even though DMCA guidelines are out of Twitch’s control, a lot of streamers feel that the platform should step up and do more to protect their content creators against the sudden onslaught of Digital Millennium Copyright Act-related issues. 


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