The International 10 ticket sales and spectator update announced

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The long wait for The International 2021 tickets has finally come to an end. 

At long last, Valve has revealed plans for ticket sales at TI10. The $40 million esports tournament also called for an update to Dota 2’s spectator mode. The biggest tournament in esports history will have a live audience in Bucharest, Romania with advanced safety standards. TI10 main event tickets will go on sale on September 22 and cost around $355 for the entire event. 

How to buy The International 10 tickets

If you want to pick up some TI10 tickets yourself, Valve intends to open up sales on September 22. As for the location, TI10 ticket sales will go live here. No exact time was specified for release, but the announcement did include prices. Fans will need to purchase three sets of The International tickets for the event. Tickets for the first and second half of the group stage will be just under $60. TI10 playoffs tickets shoot up to just under $240.

It’s important to note that TI10 attendees must agree to some conditions laid out by Valve. All TI10 ticket-holders must agree to be fully vaccinated by the time they arrive. Attendees will be further required to wear masks as long as they are at the venue. Dota 2 fans are also recommended to check their local travel restrictions before purchasing tickets for The International 2021.

Dota 2 spectator mode get overhaul for TI10

Fans in Bucharest and at home will appreciate the massive update to the spectator mode. Viewers can get even more information about a match with a single glance. With TI10 starting soon, the new Dota 2 spectator mode will be especially useful for the traditional TI group stage multi-stream. These changes are not specific to just The International, either. Players can try out the new features for themselves in the Dota 2 client.

The hero bar at the top now displays which heroes have Roshan pickups, making it easier to track the Aegis in a hectic team fight. Timed items now have an overlay showing their remaining time. The spectator mode-exclusive timer shows up for Black King Bar, Aegis of the Immortal, and even shared tangos. Roshan itself also gets a spectator mode timer. The update also includes several more tools for spectators, which will help the TI10 talent catch all of the exciting action.