Sinatraa says San Francisco Shock will face NYXL in Stage 3 finals

By Olivia Richman


Jul 1, 2019

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San Francisco Shock’s Jay “sinatraa” Won is not surprised that his team just 4-0’d London Spitfire. In fact, he admits he’s a bit cocky about it. He goes into every match believing his team will win. 

With the victory over Spitfire, the Stage 1 winners have secured a spot in the Overwatch League’s Stage 3 playoffs. But this time sinatraa doesn’t think they’ll be playing the Vancouver Titans in the finals, as they did in both Stage 1 and Stage 2. Instead, sinatraa is imaging a final match with the Shock facing the New York Excelsior. 

sinatraa spoke with about his playoff vision, as well as the future of Zarya in a possible 2-2-2 lock come Stage 4. 

How does it feel to qualify for the Stage 3 playoffs?

sinatraa: It feels really good. Coming into this season, my goal as a player was to make every stage playoffs, and the championship at the end. I’m really happy that we are doing that right now, because we performed poorly in Season 1, and so did I. 

Why do you think that is? 

I think it was because our team didn’t feel as structured as it is now. Now we have all the new coaching staff and the new general manager and new players. We’re all on the same page. 

What team are you most excited to play against in the playoffs?  

I hope we play Titans again. I want to play them again. Hopefully in the finals again, too. But it’ll probably be some Sombra GOATS team, like NYXL. 

Why don’t you see the Titans making it to the finals? 

Maybe with Stitch on Sombra they can. But when they had SeoMinSoo on Sombra it looked questionable. 

How did you think the match against Spitfire would go today? 

I had a good feeling we were going to 4-0. I just have that feeling against every team usually. I’m pretty confident in my team. 

Why do you think your team is so strong right now? 

Our coaching staff and our players. We’re all very top tier in our roles. And our coaches make us play better as a team. We’re a really good unit with good mechanical skills. That works really well together. 

Was there anything you were worried about going into the match? 

Maybe them playing Sombra and Ana. 

Which they did.

They did, but we were ready for it. Everyone does it against us. 

Why is that? 

They can’t win against us on a normal 3-3 comp, so they have to go Ana and other heroes. It’s a little annoying. 

Was there a particular moment you were proud of in this match? 

I was proud of my team during Numbani defense. When we full held. We didn’t even cap the second point. Usually we flop over during those situations. But everyone was calling every strat. We were all on the same page.

You had Rascal playing Baptiste on the third and fourth maps. What was the strategy there? 

I’m not going to say our strategy, but we do play quite a bit of Baptiste. We just feel it’s a really good poking hero. 

How long have you been playing Zarya? 

I’ve been playing her on and off on ranked. I got rank 1 on the ladder with her. But after that I played only Tracer. When GOATS became meta I started playing Zarya again. 

As a DPS main, how do you like playing Zarya? 

I do like playing Zarya. It fits my style really well. I’m a very aggressive player. With Tracer, being aggressive you can definitely die against pro players. But with Zarya, I have 400 HP, I’m doing a lot of damage, and I have the bubble. I can play really aggressive without getting punished that much. She’s really fun. 

Do any of your DPS skills carry over to a hero like Zarya? 

Probably the aim. Zarya is pretty aim-based and mechanics-heavy. 

What are your thoughts on the possible 2-2-2 meta lock? 

I don’t have an opinion on that. I just don’t know. 

Have you been practicing any heroes for this possibility? 

I play Sombra from time to time. But not because of 2-2-2. If we’re against a lot of DPS, since Zarya can’t really do much. 

Will Zarya have issues in 2-2-2?

I’m not sure what the meta would be if it were 2-2-2. Maybe we’ll see Orisa, Roadhog, double sniper again. 

Do you see Zarya fitting into that? 

I doubt it, but I haven’t thought about it yet. 

Would you play Tracer? 

If there was ever a Tracer in meta, Striker would play it for sure. He’s the best Tracer in the OWL by far, I think. Maybe if we see Tracer/Doomfist meta I’d play it. But he’s just so nasty with Tracer.

Do you think the 2-2-2 will strengthen your team’s performance?

I think we would stay at the same level as if we were playing GOATS versus GOATS, the normal comp without Sombra. Very top-tier. We have very talented DPS on the bench. Architect and Striker. Just nasty. And we have smurf for the Winston. Our bench is very talented, especially for a DPS meta. It’ll be perfect for us, I think.

What will the team be doing as you await playoffs? 

We don’t want to lose this playoffs, so we’ll be scrimming hard for sure.


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