Roulette strategies you can try in 2022

By William Davis


Aug 27, 2022

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Even though roulette has been around for over 300 years, it remains an iconic game. Numerous books, websites, and statisticians have attempted to identify the most successful roulette strategies. All of them come to the same conclusion. There is no best roulette strategy.

Even so, long-term testing and hands-on experience with roulette have shown that there are short and medium-term plays that can offer some benefits, but the inherent house edge will always prevail. Lady Luck has the final say when it comes to winnings, but there are options beyond putting it all on black. 

How can you find the best roulette strategies?

Roulette players and mathematicians have worked together for years to find ways to beat the statistical probability. Several betting systems have been developed, mostly altering previously discovered paradigms. However, the majority of roulette strategies have ultimately cost players money. 

Several roulette betting systems have still emerged over the centuries. Today, there are six popular systems of note:

  • Martingale
  • Reverse Martingale
  • Fibonacci
  • D’Alembert
  • James Bond
  • Labouchere 

There are some specific characteristics of each one that make it a preferred choice for some players. Perhaps you are used to playing one strategy, or maybe you simply want to change things up and try to gain an edge. These different strategies ultimately look to offer incremental, short-term rewards instead of one big payday.

Ultimately, roulette is still going to be a game of pure chance. Esports, by comparison, turns online gaming into a sport and it manages to mimic the feeling of watching a professional sporting event. With the rise of esports so has sports betting in the space. If you want to learn more about the current situation in the Netherlands regarding esports betting click here for more information.

In the long run, does any roulette strategy work? 

Effectively, you’d want to know what roulette strategy is most profitable. That’s logical as if you are going to wager real money, you might as well know your chances of winning.

However, casino games are inherently made to favor the house. If they didn’t, the casinos wouldn’t stay in business for long. The house edge absolutely will throw a spanner in the works and because of that, finding a betting system that works reliably for any length of time is simply not possible. 

Nevertheless, if you play smart and bet small, some of the risks can be offset. It is common for players to lose their money if they bet too much at the beginning. Even though long-term success may not be possible, you can still make hay in the short run. If you bet small, you have more leeway, and if you place outside bets, you have almost a 50% chance of winning.

Despite initially appearing overwhelming, there is plenty of room for maneuvering.

Roulette strategies can always lead to a solution, just don’t overplay your hand.

Which roulette strategy is the most profitable?

How profitable a system is depends on how lucky you get. Once again, roulette is a game of chance and there is no long-term strategy that works out. Since it takes into account your own bet size and the system you use, there’s no definite best strategy. When you play roulette at the casino, any system can potentially work.


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