Riot gives answers on the future of Winter Summoner’s Rift

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Riot Games recently answered questions regarding the return of Winter Summoner’s Rift in their latest edition of Ask Riot.

Riot has often been quick to communication and their monthly Ask Riot articles are representative of that. The series of articles enable the community to ask the developers all sorts of questions about the game and its future. 

A recent Ask Riot put the focus on the famous Winter Summoner’s Rift map and the most honored champions of 2020. Riot was asked if they are going to bring back Winter Summoner’s Rift or any other changes in the appearance of the map, but the answer was not what everyone had hoped for.

Riot shoots down Winter themes in League of Legends

Riot agrees that the winter-themed map has been a fun addition to the game, but offered that its duration is too short. The maps take up a lot of resources to design, especially with the constant changes to Summoner’s Rift, such as the new Elemental Rift update from the latest preseason. This ultimately means that Riot will have to update the winter map more often, which they won’t be prioritizing in the nearest future. 

So… Will we ever bring back snow back to the Rift? The answer is maybe, but we don’t have any plans to at the moment. That said, we’re constantly improving the tools we use to make environment art,” Product Lead Jared “Karadwe” Neuss said.  

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Who are the most honored champions in LoL?

In the same blog post, Riot provided some interesting stats regarding the champions that have gotten the most honor in this season. The most honorable champion is no other than Yuumi, who receives 0.8 honors per game. This is more than 20% higher than the average according to Riot. The least honored champion is Jayce, followed by Teemo and Quinn. 

Yuumi might not be the most beloved champion amongst the community, but that’s mainly because she is frustrating for many players to play against. Having her on your own team, on the other hand, seems to be a different story.

Support is by far the most honored role. Support champions are currently taking up 13 spots in the top 15 for most-honored champions, with only Ivern (rank 5) and Kalista (rank 14) as exceptions. 

Riot listed some other fun data on honors given.

  • The most honorable mid lane champion is Galio at rank 30, followed by Orianna at rank 42.
  • The most honorable top lane champion is Shen at rank 53, followed by Sion at rank 55.
  • The most-to-least honored roles are Support >> ADC >> Jungle >> Mid lane >> Top lane.
  • Lee Sin has dropped from being the 32nd to 96th most honored champion in North America.