Registration opens for Aegis and Baby Roshan

By Neslyn Apduhan


Jul 19, 2018

Reading time: 1 min

Registration for the most coveted item in The International Battle Pass is now open for eligible players.

The Collector’s Aegis of Champions and Baby Roshan are rewarded to Battle Pass owners to celebrate the milestone of reaching the 1000 and 2000 Battle Pass levels, respectively.

Since 2015, the 1/5th scale replica of the Aegis of Champions is given to Battle Pass owners who reach level 1000. The replica is made of alloy and is coated to match every year’s theme.

In 2017, Valve announced an additional exclusive physical award. All Battle Pass owners who reach Battle Level 2000 would be awarded a small nickel statue of Baby Roshan.  

Battle Pass owners can claim their Collector’s Rewards by providing the shipping information at the registration site. If there are changes in their contact information, players can contact CMD Collectibles’ Customer Support. Valve covers all shipping fees so players can just focus on the progress of their Battle Pass.

The shipping schedule for the Aegis will be in August and November. However, the shipment of Baby Roshan is still uncertain due to issues with its first production run. The TI7 Baby Roshan statue drew flak and Valve was quick to apologize for its poor production quality, promising to send new statues as replacements.

These costly collectibles are gained through leveling up Battle Pass. Level 1 Battle Pass costs $9.99 USD while Level 75 upgrades cost $36.99.  Levels can be bought in three ways: $2.49 for five levels, $4.99 for 11 levels, and $9.99 for 24 levels.

This makes the Aegis of Champions and Baby Roshan a pair of very expensive collectibles.