PvP dynamics and guardian classes in Destiny 2

By William Davis


Mar 18, 2024

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Have you ever played Destiny 2? Even if not, you’ve probably heard about this game more than once. You may have seen streams of famous bloggers who play this game. Or you came across news about Destiny 2 on game portals. Why is that? There is only one answer – the game is incredibly popular.

The game allows you to immerse yourself in an exciting world in which you can lose track of time. Thanks to the interesting mechanics, it is quite difficult to develop there, especially for beginners. Therefore, destiny 2 boosting is in demand among many players, where companies of professional gamers help players in leveling, completing activities, and obtaining certain weapons, and other equipment. It is thanks to good development that you can successfully win in the activities that will be discussed further.

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Competitive PvP mode in Destiny 2

In general, if you are in no way interested in PvE activities or the plot, then you are unlikely to pay attention to Destiny 2. This is, rather, an optional additional entertainment, a way to relax after the next raid, rather than a fairly large, full-fledged part of the game. Why is that? Probably because it’s almost impossible to balance hundreds of guns for both PvE and PvP, so in the competitive mode of Destiny 2 you will see players with the same guns.

There are not many weapons suitable for PvP in the game. At this point, the balance, unfortunately, sags a little – you may simply not have PvP guns in your arsenal, which will make the game much more difficult for you. But this does not make the game worse because the amount of work is colossal. Theoretically, you can win PvP battles with any weapon since all weapons and players are equal, and leveling does not affect the gameplay. You can adapt, it’s just a matter of taste.

Another point is the dynamics of the matches themselves. In Destiny 2, the characters feel heavy and inert, and the action is quite slow, almost on par with the Battlefield series, despite the dynamic PvE battles. At the same time, only eight players participate in matches—versus twelve in the original game. Such a small number of fighters is a little strange combined with such calm dynamics, but the developers claim that the transition to the 4v4 concept has saved the multiplayer from unnecessary chaos.

Many consider the statement controversial. And it’s not that this is a bad thing—it’s not difficult to enjoy such gameplay—but if you play a couple of matches of Halo 5 immediately after Destiny 2, the difference becomes obvious. In general, the PvP game now puts on an overly serious face, although it is far from a truly serious shooter.

Destiny 2 – pay to win?

The short answer is yes and no. Donations in this game are presented more to unlock emotes and cosmetic items rather than to gain a gaming advantage over other players. Naturally, you can buy weapons that other users do not have, but they can be obtained through grinding, which is natural for an MMO.

Interesting and unique guard classes

Here are all the unique guard classes in Destiny 2.


Proud and disciplined Titans are capable of both a furious assault and an indestructible defense. Swing your flaming hammer, cut the sky with lightning, and be ready to meet any opponent face to face. Your shield will reliably protect your team from enemy attacks.


Warlocks transform the secrets of the universe into formidable weapons, protecting themselves and crushing their enemies. Bring down deadly rain on the battlefield, destroying hordes of enemies in the blink of an eye. Anyone who dares to challenge you will experience the true power of the Light.


Agile and brave hunters move quickly and make decisions even faster. Shower your opponent with a hail of bullets from a golden pistol, flying through hordes of enemies like the wind, or strike from the dark. Find the enemy, take aim… and win before the battle even begins.

Is Destiny 2 worth playing? Definitely yes. After completing the story, the endgame begins. It has a couple of dozen new quests and stories, a bunch of new characters, and a ton of activities that will entertain you tens and hundreds of times longer than the story itself. Especially if you are playing with friends. Any game is transformed in co-op. Destiny 2 – especially strong.

But this time, the developers also considered dedicated solo guards and added a “game with a guide” mode. Its essence is simple—for raids and nightfalls, you can now automatically find a group of experienced players who will help you with your passage. Even if none of your friends play Destiny 2, you can still get the most out of the game. And this is very important.


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