ppd out of Alliance despite team qualifying to TI10

By Steven Rondina


Jun 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Peter “ppd” Dager’s controversial run with Alliance has come to a swift end. 

Following a short run in the WePlay AniMajor and with The International 2021 looming, Alliance has opted to make some changes. With that in mind, Alliance is removing ppd from the team’s coaching position. It is unclear who is set to take over the coaching job, but it may be opening the door for Alliance co-owner and former coach Jonathan “Loda” Berg to return to the position he once held. 

ppd announced the news on Twitter and detailed what his next steps are.

Though ppd’s run with Alliance lasted only 40 days, the TI5 champion apparently enjoyed working as a pro Dota 2 coach despite having previously dismissed the idea of coaching in the past. There’s a chance he’ll be able to find a new home ahead of TI10, as a number of sponsorless teams and squads with backing from smaller organizations will be looking for a coach for the event. 

Don’t completely count out a playing return for ppd after TI10. ppd has bounced in and out of competition a few times and has always found his way back into the game. He likely remains one of the stronger captains in the scene and that alone makes him a valuable commodity.

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ppd’s Alliance run marred by cheating allegations

Though ppd’s run with Alliance was successful due to the team’s first-place finish in DreamLeague Season 15 and direct invitation to The International 2021, it will likely be remembered most for the cheating allegations the team endured. In a vlog detailing the team’s games during DreamLeague Season 15, ppd’s voice could be heard over in-game comms.

ppd being heard during the game prompted cheating accusations from fans and OG’s Johan “N0tail” Sundstein. DreamHack, which operates DreamLeague, later clarified that coaches being allowed to shot-call for teams during games was allowed at the time.

It was later noted that ppd was added to the team specifically to help with Alliance’s in-game comms. Because coaches’ roles were limited to drafting in the WePlay AniMajor, one of the biggest questions facing Alliance heading into the event was how it would perform without ppd conducting the team during games. Those questions were answered with a swift elimination from the event, as Alliance washed out of the playoffs with losses to PSG.LGD and Team Spirit.

Despite that, Alliance still qualified for TI10 thanks to strong performances in league play. Alliance has since rebounded, taking 2-0 victories over Team Unique and Team Secret in ESL One Summer 2021.