OpenAI bots defeat thousands of human teams in OpenAI Arena

By Neslyn Apduhan


Apr 23, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

OpenAI Five has stepped up its game and defeated 7,215 human teams in public matches.

Earlier this month, OpenAI hosted a final live event for OpenAI Five in the San Francisco bay area. The show’s highlight was a series between the bots and the reigning The International champions at OG.

OpenAI Five stomped the current Aegis holders despite OG’s attempt to exploit the bots’ weaknesses.

OpenAI then took it up a notch and launched OpenAI Arena, which allows community members to play with the bots in either competitive or cooperative modes. OpenAI considered the event to be the largest deployment of interaction between humans and highly competent deep reinforcement learning agents.

The games were played with specific gameplay restrictions and limited hero pool.

After the three-day OpenAI Arena, only 42 human teams were able to defeat OpenAI Five. Two teams seemed to figure out the best strategy to defeat the formidable bots as they chalked up winning streaks between three and ten games.

The learning abilities of the bots were disabled during the OpenAI Arena. This means that everyone who participated in the Arena encountered the same version of the bots. This resulted in human teams repeating their most successful gameplay patterns in an attempt to better the OpeaAI Five.

A total of 18,689 players participated in the cooperative mode. The mode was similar to the series showcased during the OpenAI Five Finals in which Dota 2 personalities were teamed up with three bots.

On the other hand, competitive mode was a more aggressive affair for its 15,019 participants. Some players streamed the experience on different platforms including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Surprisingly, it took approximately 459 games for the first human team to beat OpenAI Five.  After the first 1,000 games, only three human teams had defeated the bots.

OpenAI Five recorded three series won against such professional teams as Alliance, SG Esports, and OG after having lost to Big God and PaiN Gaming at The International 2018’s main stage.