Newly uncovered glitch makes Snapfire’s ultimate totally broken

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 19, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

By exploiting Dota 2’s targeting system, Snapfire can glitch her ultimate right on top of herself, making it significantly more versatile than it was meant to be.

Snapfire is one of the glitchiest heroes in all of Dota 2 patch 7.30e. The update that broke jungle camp and ward borders also seems to have affected the flexible ranged hero. She can now use her Mortimer’s Kisses ultimate right on top of herself or even suspend them midair with a new glitch. All this is on top of a new animation glitch that keeps Mortimer permanently stuck in the ultimate pose.

The weirdest and most damaging glitch involves suspending the kisses midair. The shots fire as normal, but instead of landing, they hover above the ground for an indefinite amount of time. It’s not clear exactly what causes this glitch, but it seems to only occur when using the self-targeted Mortimer’s Kisses glitch. Spamming this glitch over and over is a great way to drop everyone’s FPS and potentially even crash the game. They also grant permanent vision over their landing zone.

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The most harmless Snapfire glitch of 7.30e is a weird animation cancel effect. After using her ultimate, Snapfire can become trapped in her Mortomer’s Kisses pose. Her pet lizard and mount Mortimer stands up on his hind legs and simply levitates around instead of his usual waddle. This glitch appears to be caused by a missing animation flag at the end of the ultimate. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s very funny when it does.

How to ult on top of yourself with Snapfire glitch

After activating Mortimer’s Kisses, hit the attack command and click on your own hero portrait at the top of the screen. Attack is bound to the A key by default.

After the first mortar, Snapfire should start chucking lizard loogies right on top of herself. She can switch targets to another area before going back to herself and vice versa. This is useful in many situations, especially if the enemy team attempts to close the distance during Mortimer’s Kisses.

Mortimer’s Kisses usually has a dead zone close to Snapfire. Usually, it can only hit about a Force Staff’s distance away from her model. The obvious counter to this is getting close to her and forcing her to stop the ult early. With this trick, heroes like Spirit Breaker and Void Spirit become much less threatening.

There’s not really a clear explanation for why this Snapfire glitch is possible. Targeting heroes using the icon bar is nothing new. Heroes like Ogre Magi and Magnus can use it to buff illusion heroes without risking a misclick. This trick doesn’t work on enemy heroes, so point target stuns must still be aimed manually. In Snapfire’s case, it could be a byproduct of Snapfire Cookie.

She can target herself on the icon bar with the second ability to leap forward without turning. It’s possible that whatever mechanic allows that to happen can also apply to Kisses, but there’s no way to know for sure.


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