New Dota 2 hero Ring Master revealed at TI 2023

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 29, 2023

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Dota 2 getting a new hero in Ring Master sometime in 2024, and the TI 2023 trailer gives a few hints as to what he’ll do.

Dota 2 is due for a new addition to its expansive roster of heroes. Muerta is the most recent addition added in March of 2023, but Valve has finally ended the drought with a bombastic reveal before the grand final of The International 12. Here’s what the trailer showed off about the new face and what fans may be able to expect from his kit.

The trailer was shown following the short film contest, with fans not quite sure what it was as it appeared. However, Valve’s trademark polish quickly gave up the ghost. Axe chased a mechanical creep into the jungle before being goaded into playing a carnival game. After “winning,” he was sucked into the machine. As the trailer played, a mysterious new voice made references to kidnapping heroes and bringing them to some sort of circus. It ended with a visual and name reveal in Ring Master.

New hero Ring Master revealed at TI

Based on the trailer at TI 2023, the new hero, Ring Master, will likely involve a mechanic that takes control of enemy heroes. 

The trailer starts with Axe following a fake creep in the jungle, which could hint at some sort of trap mechanic involving creeps. In addition, the appearance of a carnival game further hints at some sort of new baiting mechanic. 

However, the monologue mentions the Ring Master’s affinity for capturing enemy heroes. Axe getting sucked into the carnival game could represent Ring Master taking control of him. This could be a more complex version of Rubick’s Spell Steal, where Ring Master can control the entire hero, including right clicks, health pool, and all.

However, Valve’s usually careful approach to hero reveals has left quite a few open questions. It’s not clear what stat the hero will be or if they will be melee or ranged. The exact release date is also not clear, with 2024 being a very big window of release. If Valve plans on releasing a major update following TI 2023, expect both a major gameplay update and a new hero sometime in February or so of 2024.


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