Immortal Treasure III arrives shortly before The International 2019

By Neslyn Apduhan


Aug 7, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

With less than two weeks remaining before The International 2019, Valve has unlocked the Immortal Treasure III for Battle Pass owners.

The reveal brought mixed reactions from Dota 2 fans. Battle Pass owners have waited for the exclusive content longer than in past years, but were not treated to anything particularly special from the set.

The Immortal Treasure III features exclusive cosmetics for Axe, Clinkz, Lycan, Mars, Terrorblade, Slardar, and Necrophos. Rare items include a pack of 50 battle pass levels, a very rare golden version of Axe’s new immortal, and the ultra-rare Sullen Rampart for Necrophos. The Sullen Rampart forms a set alongside the previously released Sullen Harvest and Sullen Hollow items, which were released in 2017 and 2015, respectively.

Like Immortal Treasures I and II, players also have the chance to receive the cosmically rare and highly valued Overgrown Emblem.

Fans focused their discontent on the new Axe Immortal, Crucible of Rile. The item arguably makes the Rampant Outrage item from The International Compendium 2014 obsolete due to its featuring of a new Berserker’s Call effect. That said, the new item is also partly designed to complement the Axe Unleashed set that is available in this year’s battle pass at level 425.

This marks the first immortal item for the newest hero, Mars, but also the first for old favorite Lycan. The Immortal skins for both heroes were well received by fans.

With the release of the set, the only heroes lacking Immortal cosmetics are Techies, Arc Warden, Chen, and Io. While Io and Techies have Arcanas to make up for it, fans of Chen and Arc Warden no doubt believe it’s high time Valve release something special for their favorites.

Items from Immortal Treasure III are not tradable or marketable until September 1, 2020. However, Necrophos’ Sullen Rampart Ultra Rare will be tradable and marketable after seven days. Valve has yet to deliver some of the promised Battle Pass contents such as custom creeps and Tiny’s Majesty of the Colossus prestige item.

It is unclear when these new additions will arrive.


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