How to get the Among Us sus crosshair in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Crosshair contributes tons to your performance. While some players roll with a good ol’ dot, many Valorant players are now opting for “sus” square crosshair. 

Valorant allows players to customize their crosshairs according to their liking. You can create different shapes and sizes using the provided options to suit your playstyle. Many stick with the classic cross but newer players are having fun with Valorant settings. The new Among Us crosshair looks a lot like an Imposter’s face. 

Among Us and Valorant both rose to fame in 2020. Valorant was newly released but players had just discovered Innersloth’s hidden role game that features cute tiny characters. Players are now bringing Among Us imposters to Valorant in the form of little crosshairs. 

The tiny double square crosshair isn’t the most practical one to use in ranked games, as it may block the view while holding tight angles. However, it’s a fun variation to rep in unranked games. This new style has a filled square box caged in a hollow square. Due to its similarity with Imposter’s profile in Among Us, players have named it the “sus” crosshair. 

How to get Among Us crosshair in Valorant

Press escape and go to settings. Choose crosshair from the top tab and apply the below-mentioned options.

Crosshair color – Red

Outliners – Off

Outline opacity – Maximum 1 

Outline thickness – Minimum 1

Center dot – On

Center dot opacity – Max 1

Center dot thickness – 3

Show inner lines – On

Inner line opacity – Max 1 

Inner line length – Minimum 1

Inner line thickness – 6

Inner line offset – 3

Show outer lines – Off

Outer line opacity – Max 1

Outer line length – Minimum 1

Outer line thickness – 10 

Outer line offset – 5

Keep movement and firing error turned off and close the settings. 

What’s the best crosshair in Valorant?

There’s no perfect crosshair that warrants a win.

Crosshair depends on personal preference, so you may want to tweak settings and find the one that suits you. Many players like Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom use the plain dot, which has heavily been criticized by many. But, crosshair entirely depends on personal choice, so pick whatever you like. 

If you’re on the fence about perfect crosshair, try using the default one. It’s the most common crosshair that many pro players are using. You may want to go with a smaller size to ensure you have a clear view while shooting. 


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