How to build new hero Hoodwink as core and support

Steven Rondina • December 29, 16:22

New Dota 2 hero Hoodwink is a couple of weeks old at this point, which means that top players are starting to fully grasp how to play her. As with every Dota 2 hero, there are a number of different ways to play it that vary based on where she lanes, the enemy team’s composition, and the general state of the game.

Here are the best options for each role as things currently stand. Though this will inevitably change as the meta shifts and new patches are implemented, these will likely be the foundations that players use for the hero for the immediate future.

How do I build core Hoodwink?

At all stages of the game, Hoodwink utilizes a mix of physical and magical damage. That isn’t necessarily a unique concept in Dota 2, but her kit does require its own sort of itemization as a result.

For both carry and mid lane Hoodwink builds, players should make Falcon Blade a priority. The item is basically tailor-made for heroes like Hoodwink, giving a combination of HP, mana regen, and attack damage for a very affordable price. Upgrading boots isn’t strictly necessary, but players can pick up any of those options if they so desire.

From there, Hoodwink players ought to buy Gleipnir. Gleipnir is one of the new items added in the Mistwood Update which combines a Rod of Atos with Maelstrom. This comes with strong stats, a great active ability that synergizes with Hoodwink’s spells, and increased farm efficiency. Maelstrom should be the first pickup towards this item, as it gives greater farming potential all on its own.

Things get more flexible from there. Items such as Linken’s Sphere, Hurricane Pike, Blink Dagger, and Scythe of Vyse are all strong item choices that can be chosen depending on the situation.

Leveling is straightforward. Acorn Shot should be maxed first, followed by Bushwhack. Only one level is required in Scurry, and Sharpshooter should be leveled up when possible. Talents giving perks for Hoodwink’s spells ought to be prioritized over stats, with the pure damage upgrade for Sharpshooter being a must-get.

How do I build support Hoodwink?

As a support, Hoodwink’s goal is facilitating kills for the team’s cores. This sees her prioritizing Bushwhack in order to lock down enemies and getting items that offer support and escapability options to the team. 

Improving Hoodwink’s ability to initiate is a must. The most effective ways to do so are with either Tranquil Boots or Arcane Boots, followed by Rod of Atos. Rod of Atos either gives Hoodwink a more reliable way to initiate or a great follow-up to a shackle. A common second item is Glimmer Cape, which offers both escapability and an extra layer to possible initiations when combined with Scurry. 

Past that are the usual roundup of support item options. Force Staff is a versatile tool, but Spirit Vessel and Eul’s Scepter both have a lot to offer. Depending on who else is on Hoodwink’s team, upgrading an early game Blight Stone into a Medallion of Courage may also be of some value.


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