How popular is Smite in 2023? A player count analysis

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Non-fans may think the player count for Smite has hit rock bottom in 2023, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Smite has always been an odd duck in the MOBA genre. From its unconventional over-the-shoulder perspective to its console-friendly control scheme to its smorgasbord of crossovers, Smite is definitely a product of its time. The mythology-themed MOBA may not be as big as some of its esports-focused competitors, but the game still enjoys a healthy player base. Here’s what we know about Smite’s player count and whether it’s still worth playing in 2023.

The daily player count for Smite has actually grown in 2023, with daily peaks higher than what they were in 2022.

In late 2022, the average player count for Smite dropped to the lowest it had been for eight years, according to Steam Charts. It was normal for players on PC to have less than 10,000 others to play with. However, the game’s player count nearly doubled at the start of the year from 14,000 average peaks to over 26,000. The average player count is back in the five-digit range, which makes for a healthy matchmaking environment across a wide range of skill levels.

Smite player count

It’s more difficult to estimate the active user base for the console versions of Smite, but currently lists the number of active players to be around 100,00, with expected surges for weekend afternoons. The unique player count for the month is reportedly over 5 million, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch versions of the game. 

While impressive in its own right, the player count for Smite is still legions below that of its competitors. Dota 2 currently averages over 400,000 players at any given moment, giving it 40 times the player base. League of Legends usually has at least 2 million, active players, though numbers for Riot’s MOBA are more difficult to estimate. With constant updates and plenty of crossovers, Smite continues to garner a healthy base of players even in 2023.


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