How does mobile’s Wild Rift compare to League of Legends on PC?

By Christian Vejvad


Dec 15, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

As Wild Rift is opening up its beta in more regions, fans are starting to compare the new mobile game to the original League of Legends PC game. 

Wild Rift is already seeing a lot of praise for its great animations and smooth interface as players are pointing out features that could be implemented in the League of Legends PC client. Wild Rift is still only in its open beta, but features such as animated splash arts and a model viewer are already available. 

What’s most impressive about Wild Rift is that there seem to be very few bugs, in spite of it being an open beta game. The game isn’t finished yet and there are already very few complications when playing. This is something that the LoL PC client has been known to struggle with for years, so seeing Wild Rift perform almost flawlessly is impressive. 

Even though Wild Rift looks impressive, it has gotten fans to wonder why LoL itself can’t run this smooth after 10 years of continued iterations and development. The best answer is likely that it’s easier to build a game from scratch without bugs, rather than trying to fix some old code with a lot of existing complications. Riot is clearly trying to make the PC game better for each season, but that doesn’t cut it for the most hardcore fans. 

Fans say Wild Rift client is already better than LoL client

The biggest talking point is, as per usual, the client. Fans are already starting to compare the Wild Rift client to the one in LoL, and the differences are clear. The client in Wild Rift has a friendly interface, quick response time, and isn’t overloaded with bugs or slow loading times. The LoL client, on the other hand, has seen some improvements recently still has a long list of problems that could use improvement. 

One of the most praised features in Wild Rift so far, besides the great animations, is the model viewer in the shop and in champion select. Players are used to still pictures in League of Legends, but Wild Rift has taken it a step up and made animations for every champion. 

Wild Rift client

The fact that Wild Rift is already outperforming LoL in some aspects should be seen as a good thing. There is now hope that Riot will look to implement Wild Rift features on the PC game after testing it out on mobile. Wild Rift seems like a great place to test out new features before adding it to the PC game where millions of critical fans are ready to punch. 

Wild Rift is still in its early stages and even though the client and graphics seem great, there are still things that it’s lacking. There are still a lot of champions yet to be released in the game and it might not feel as competitively viable as League of Legends does. 

Riot will continue to expand the open beta to more regions in 2021 before the complete game releases later in the year. 

Wild Rift

Is Wild Rift available now?

Wild Rift is in its open beta as of December 2020, which means that the game isn’t fully released yet. Wild Rift recently launched in Europe and many other regions, but Americans are still unable to play the game. When the beta opens up for the Americas at the start of 2021, it will be open for play globally. 

How do I download Wild Rift?

Wild Rift can be downloaded on both the Apple Store and through Google Play, depending on if the mobile device is running on iOS or Android. The game is downloaded like any other app, but does take up more space than an average app. When downloaded, every player must log into their account.

Who can play Wild Rift?

When Wild Rift is fully released globally, everyone with a mobile device and an internet connection can play Wild Rift. The game is completely free to download and doesn’t necessarily require a high-end phone or tablet to run smoothly. 


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