Hokori vs SG Apu League Sunset grand finals betting analysis

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 11, 2022

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Apu League Season 4 Sunset Series will end with a firecracker match between Hokori and SG esports.

South American Dota 2 never sleeps. Several tournament organizers have stepped in to fill the gap between Dota Pro Circuit seasons, and Claro Gaming is one of them. The Apu League is a great event for fans and bettors to get acquainted with the state of SA Dota 2. Regional titan Hokori blazed past the competition for a spot in the $3,000 grand finals. After a complete restructuring after The International 10, SG esports is looking to reclaim its reputation with a regional trophy. Here’s our betting picks and analysis for Hokori vs SG esports at Apu League Sunset Series grand finals.

Hokori Apu League Sunset Series betting analysis

Hokori was not an expected champion going into Apu League Sunset, but the international roster has dominated every match it has played so far. It has yet to lose a single game to any team, including favorite SG esports and Apu reigning champion Omega Esports. Hokori is playing tight with stars in every lane, though it is generally less experienced than its upcoming opponent SG esports.

Mid laner João “4nalog” Giannini has averaged an impressive 9.76 KDA so far, which is doubly impressive considering his low draft priority. Hokori is known for picking 4nalog’s hero in the very first phase. Queen of Pain, Kunkka, and Death Prophet are his main hero pool in patch 7.31. The rank 98 player is owning at Apu League, which bodes well for Hokori against SG.

SG Esports Apu League Sunset Series betting analysis

SG esports looked very strong in the group stage, but a stumble against Hokori in the winner’s semifinals sent SG straight to the lower bracket. The series against Balrog Esports looked strong, especially considering SG’s slump at Royal Jelly Covenant. The TI10 attendee squad is looking to bounce back with a win at Apu League Season 4, and a rematch against Hokori is the only thing standing in its way.

SG esports leans heavily into its support duo Artur “LTH” Lauth and Nicolás “Wij” Moreno. LTH’s Monkey King will literally die for entertainment, but it usually leads to great trades or some excellent information for his teammates. Wij boasts 15.72 assists per game despite favoring defensive picks like Io and Tusk. The pair are a big part of why SG esports has one of the strongest laning phases of almost any South American Dota 2 team, though Hokori will still be a very tough opponent. 

Hokori vs SG Apu League Sunset Series grand finals betting pick

Considering Hokori’s incredible dominance and recent 2-0 victory over SG esports earlier in the event, Hokori is a smart betting pick for this matchup. Mid 4nalog and carry Yuma Langlet are both playing incredibly well, and SG’s superior supports shouldn’t be able to make up the difference. Oddsmakers should favor Hokori, so calling out a -1.5 handicap isn’t a bad idea.


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