Cult of the Lamb splash art

Here’s how the Cult of the Lamb Twitch integration works

By Steven Rondina


Aug 31, 2022

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Cult of the Lamb is one of the hot new games on Twitch, and here’s how the game is integrated into the streaming platform as some of the biggest streamers are playing it.

Rogue-lite games aren’t as vogue as they were back when Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy, and FTL were some of the trendiest titles in gaming, but the genre is here to stay. New titles are released regularly and one of the biggest in a long while is Cult of the Lamb. The game has made a sizable splash, with much of that attention centering around its Twitch integration.

The game has been adopted by a number of prominent streamers. Followers are encouraged and rewarded for taking part in the so-called cult, making it a unique experience to play or watch.

How does Cult of the Lamb Twitch integration work?

The Twitch integration of Cult of the Lamb allows viewers to appear as an NPC in a streamer’s game.

Streamers are effectively able to plug Cult of the Lamb into Twitch and incorporate it into their livestream. This offers viewers the opportunity to influence the game. This can be done as part of the Twitch stream’s overlay or channel points rewards.

The “Cult of the Lamb” title isn’t just for fun. The game involves a literal cult of anthropomorphic animals, with followers having different effects on the cult after joining. Each follower impacts the gameplay in a different way, allowing fans to make their presence felt on the stream. The player also needs to manage a commune, which requires resources.

Alongside this, fans have a degree of control over the appearance of their avatar. This includes choosing the species and color of their character.

Viewers have the ability to join a raffle in order to become included in the game as a character. This is done through a pop-up on the Twitch overlay during gameplay. The raffle isn’t controlled by the streamer and is instead done directly through Twitch and the game. 

What does Contribute to the Cult’s Totem mean on Twitch?

Contribute to the Cult’s Totem means that the streamer will be gifted resources in the game.

Cult of the Lamb isn’t just a rogue-lite action game. Much of it revolves around building up a base and managing resources to keep up productivity. Alongside contributing their identity to a follower, viewers can spend channel points to directly provide resources.

“Contribute to the Cult’s Totem” gives Cult of the Lamb streamers bonus resources to keep their cult going. The channel point cost for these resources varies between different streamers’ channels.


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