Gaimin Gladiators threatens shaved heads at TI 2023

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 27, 2023

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Gaimin Gladiators is still the favorite despite an early fall to the lower bracket at TI 2023.

The team of the year is looking to close off a perfect DPC season by claiming the Aegis of Champions in Seattle. However, a loss to Talon in the group stage deciding match has set the team back. got to catch up with the triple-major champion at The International to learn how they bounced back and if the team’s unique style is suffering from success.

An interview with Gaimin Gladiators at TI 2023 The loss to Talon was a heart-breaker. What was the team room like after that match? What did you do to recover?

Dyrachyo: I can answer. We just flame each other, say, “You are trash.”

(Group laughs.)

ToFu: It’s also rough because we were really expecting to win that game. We won a good position, but then we messed up the games from positions which I think we have already learned our mistakes from, but then we messed it up anyway. Then it’s also very punishing because you go between upper and lower, and then we ended up in lower for games that we should have won, and people were just in a bad mood. But the next day, we just played again.

Dyrachyo: Next time, I think we just chill six days in a row.

ToFu: (Laughs) Maybe you will.

Winning all the majors has put a target on your back, so are you trying to play in an unusual way to throw other teams off?

Dyrachyo: I think it’s all just the same. Just play Dota, hit creeps, hit the creeps, and gank the heroes. Nothing changed.

Are there any heroes in this patch that particularly disgust you?

Dyrachyo: Bristleback.

ToFu: Some of the broken dudes that just run in, like Bristleback or Spirit Breaker. They’re unreasonably strong, and they don’t require high execution. They just run their heads against your wall.

Cy-: Unga Bunga.

(Group laughs.)

Seleri: Spirit Breaker is definitely unga bunga.

Gaimin Gladiators TI 12

Tofu, Zai and Mira are your strongest opponents for the most handsome player at The International. Any plans to strengthen your lead?

ToFu: I’m not sure if it will be to my advantage, but if we lose, I might go bald.

Ace: You’re really gonna try being bald?

ToFu: Yeah. Then we can rub it for good luck.


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