Gabe Newell is the latest Dota 2 announcer

Neslyn Apduhan • August 22, 14:38

This year’s International immortalizes a comical act from Valve founder Gabe Newell, popularly dubbed by the community as “Lord GabeN.”

A video presented during the main event of The International featured a skit including Kaci Aitchison, Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner, and Gabe Newell. Newell transitioned from his brief cameo role in a TI7 video to a lead role in this short comedy.

The video was shot in a recording studio opening with the premise of the recording of GabeN’s Mega Kills announcer pack. Newell then deliveres his first line “Hello, I’m Gabe Newell. You’ve just achieved First Blood. Thanks and have fun,” in his usual understated tone.

The big boss’ struggles to show enthusiasm and energy made the video hilarious for fans. The funniest part may have been the reference to the Half-Life 3 when Newell couldn’t say the words “three” or “triple.” “But, what’s my motivation?” Newell asked.

Kaci and SirActionSlacks gave up and settled with GabeN’s literal translation of three: “You’ve killed more than two people, and less than four.”

The video ended with a proud Gabe Newell leaving the recording booth while both Kaci and SirActionSlacks were exhausted.

More notable lines from the Mega-Kills Pack include, “These things, they take time”,

“I’m not wearing underwear”, and “See, Dota Plus is worth the money.”

Gabe Newell’s MegaKills pack is automatically being given to all TI8 Battle Pass owners.


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