Fan makes crazy Juggernaut sculpture, begins work on more heroes

By Steven Rondina


Mar 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valve has long leaned on the creativity of Dota 2 fans when it comes to creating skins and merchandise for the game’s marketplace, but a sculptor is taking that creativity to a whole new level. 

Twitch streamer Paindog has shared his latest creation, an elaborate sculpture of Dota 2 hero Juggernaut. The statue is the latest in an ongoing series, with Paindog intending to create a sculpture for each hero in Dota 2.

The Juggernaut statue is the third in the series, following recreations of Luna and Faceless Void. All three of the sculptures have been shown off on his YouTube channel, and they look exceptional. But the fourth might just put them all to shame.

At the moment, Paindog is working on a Dragon Knight statue in honor of the upcoming DOTA: Dragon’s Blood animated series. Instead of going with Davion’s human form, the statue is instead going to be a massive and elaborate sculpture of the hero’s dragon form. The tail and one of the wings appear largely finished, but the body, head, and second wing are all in progress. Once it’s done, it’s sure to be impressive.

There have been many impressive fan projects in Dota 2 over the years including a detailed chess set, various animated series, and more. Paindog’s plans to sculpt all 120 Dota 2 heroes likely qualifies as the most ambitious yet, and it’d be an amazing feat if he can pull it off. Fans can keep track of Paindog’s progress on both YouTube and Twitch, where he does much of his work.

Who counters Juggernaut in Dota 2?

Heroes with long stuns tend to be the best counters to Juggernaut. As an agility hero, Juggernaut has a relatively low health pool, but his ability to ignore most spells with Blade Fury and Omnislash attackers can make him tough to catch and bring down. With a bit of team coordination, heroes such as Shadow Shaman, Lion, and Bane can lock down Juggernaut and set their teammates up for the kill.