Explaining Midas Mode 2.0, the wildest Dota 2 event of the year

By Neslyn Apduhan


Sep 24, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The Midas Mode 2.0 tournament is here and Dota 2 fans are hyped up for it.

Moonduck has pulled out all the stops in terms of making the event special, creating a full cast of characters with elaborate backstories, crafting a unique ruleset, and firing off loads of goofy memes. Meanwhile, the Million Dollar Midas Mode project, which allowed fans to sponsor heroes and parts of the map, has been a serious success.

Topping it all off is an amazing list of teams that includes top organizations like OG and Vici Gaming alongside fun, temporary squads like The International 2011 version of Natus Vincere.

What are Moonbucks in Midas Mode 2.0?


So, how does Midas Mode work?

Each team will be given a special currency called “Moonbucks” at the start of the tournament. These Moonbucks can be spent in-game on a number of different things throughout the tournament.

Drafting heroes, banning heroes, pausing the game, and picking a side of the map will cost a set number of Moonbucks. The cost of banning and picking heroes will constantly change based on their win rate, loss rate, and draft popularity in the tournament.

Teams will have to budget their Moonbucks with each game. A team can buy all meta heroes, but that will cost a significant number of Moonbucks.

How do bounties work in Midas Mode 2.0?


Offsetting this is the opportunity to earn more Moonbucks during the event by collecting “bounties.” Teams will be given special goals to complete in-game which can earn a set number of Moonbucks. These goals are selected by fan requests, with examples from Midas Mode 1 including “your team must start the game with at least 15 mangos,” and “kill an enemy hero 3 times before they are level 6. All chat ‘Get out of my game’ after the third kill.”

Winning and losing the game will also give teams extra Moonbucks. If a team spends all its Moonbucks, its entire hero draft will be randomized.

It gets even more wild from there.

Fan engagement has been raised to a never-before-seen level. A VIP audience member will be wearing a VR headset and act out as Roshan while teams can also purchase upgrades that allow fans to take control of creeps.

The event begins on September 24 and runs through October 2. Fans that tune in should be treated to something special.


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