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Everything you need to know about recurring Pokemon GO events

by | Jul 30, 2021

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Reading Time: 3 min.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic goes through great pains to keep its players as engaged with the game as possible. A big part of that is how the company rolls out its frequent events. These can include major events that last multiple days, or smaller events that last for just an hour. Either way, rarely does a week goes by without something special happening that’s worth signing in for.

Here is the full list of normal Pokemon GO events, what they do for the player, and how to make the most of them.

What is Pokemon GO Fest?

Pokemon GO Fest is an annual celebration of the game that happens on an annual basis in either June or July. The event is easily the largest in Pokemon GO to this point, and extended to every aspect of the game.

Pokémon GO Fest 2019: Chicago

There are special raids, unique wild Pokemon offerings, different eggs, and exclusive special research questlines. There are also other features that are put behind a paywall which players can only access by buying a digital ticket.

What makes Pokemon GO Fest different from everything else is the live event component that was held from 2017 to 2019. Numerous cities around the world host gatherings that have exclusive Pokemon, research quests, and more. This live component is expected to return in the future.

What is Pokemon Community Day?

Pokemon Community Days are a monthly event that take place in Pokemon GO. Each community day is built around a specific Pokemon, typically one that is difficult to evolve like a starter or one that requires 400 candies. 

July Community Day—Don’t skip out on Mudkip!

Pokemon from these events usually have a unique move that can only be obtained on Community Day or through an Elite Charged TM. These moves are generally either stronger than others or are of a different type than those that the Pokemon can normally learn. For example, fire-type Pokemon Magmortar learning electric-type attack Thunderbolt.

Players have various perks on community days including super-effective, longer-lasting lures, and incense. There are also normally special tickets players can get that offer exclusive special research missions and rewards.

Pokemon GO Raid Hours

Raids are the go-to method for catching legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and the most reliable way to find a raid is through Raid Hour events. Pokemon GO Legendary Raid Hours see every gym host raids for a one-hour window. These typically happen on a weekly basis, though there are exceptions.

Normally, Pokemon GO Raid Hours feature the current five-star raid boss. Previous installments have included sub-legendary Pokemon like Moltres and Heatran, legendaries including Yveltal and Mewtwo, and mythicals such as Genesect and Deoxys. Occasionally these Pokemon may know unique moves.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours are another weekly event that sees every wild Pokemon changed into the same Pokemon. Spotlight Hours will often be attached to other limited-time events in Pokemon GO. 

Alongside offering the ability to quickly obtain candies for a specific Pokemon, Spotlight Hours also have various other perks. In 2020, Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours were combined with Mystery Bonus Hours, which offered players doubled XP, candy, or Stardust rewards for catching, evolving, or transferring Pokemon. Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours typically also offer an increased chance of shiny encounters, though this is not always the case.

The Pokemon featured in a Spotlight Hours tends to be worth pursuing, whether that’s due to their being a limited-time variant like hat-wearing Pikachus, or because there’s a Pokemon that needs an abundance of candies to fully evolve like Magnemite or Dratini. There have been more than a few underwhelming Pokemon featured over the years though, such as Surskit and Taillow.

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