Drama surrounds TSM vs. Sentinels scrims after trolling claims

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 11, 2021

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North America’s Valorant scene has tons of budding rivalries that fans can latch onto, but TSM and Sentinels’ storyline tops them all.

Team tussles and backstories are a classic part of any competitive game. Casual, back-and-forth banter between teams is a crucial element that attracts fans to watch the games and follow the scene. Riot Games’ tactical shooter is still in its formative days as an esport, but TSM and Sentinels are looking to have a long history together. 

TSM stood out when Valorant esports was in its embryonic stages, while Sentinels has been getting the better of them across different tournaments. That’s enough to give fans a strong storyline but now an extra bit of drama has been added into the equation.

“It’s a real rivalry for sure. Whether or not they think about it that way doesn’t really matter to us. To us, they are the enemy. We don’t want them to win,” Said James “hazed” Cobb in an interview with VP Esports. 

TSM and Sentinels rivalry continue after Hazed’s tweet 

Most recently, a casual sub-tweet by TSM Hazed has snowballed into a full-blown catfight, adding fire to what has been a professional rivalry. 

While Hazed didn’t mention a particular team, Sentinels’ Jay sinatraa Won took the hint and replied to him. Both the players put on a show, accusing the other of trolling in scrims. While scrims may not be professional matches, they demand serious play and respect for the game from both sides. Hazed accused Sentinels of taking these practice matches lightly, running and gunning around with five Odins. Sinatraa hit back by saying that TSM’s five was using four guardians, a claim that Hazed denied. 

The TSM player went ahead and said that five other teams had told him that Sentinels’ behavior in scrims has always been childish. While Hazed already conceded that Sentinels was the better team, sinatraa was insistent that TSM was playing the victim because it couldn’t handle losing. 

The drama ruffled many feathers, as a few other professional players and Valorant personalities jumped in to discuss the beef. G2 Esports’ Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas, NRG Esports’ Chet “Chet” Singh, and 100 Thieves’ Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk were all in the comment section, following the action. 

It remains unclear who was actually trolling in the scrims, but the topic has caught the attention of Valorant esports enthusiasts. Fans can’t wait for TSM to face Sentinels again in the server and let the game decide who’s right. The Valorant Champions Tour is still underway and Sentinels has already qualified for Challengers 2 finals, whereas TSM’s qualifying game is yet to happen. 


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