Dota 2 New Bloom returns in 2020 with rejected skins

By Neslyn Apduhan


Jan 27, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Dota 2 players can celebrate the Lunar New Year with the annual New Bloom event.

Valve has added a new rewards line that features in-game decorations, wheel spin gifts, and chat wheel options. Wheel spins can be gifted to Steam friends for a chance to win the Nian courier. The courier is a miniature version of Nian, the Year Beast featured in previous New Bloom events.

As usual, wheel spins offer rewards such as a random bundle, courier, announcer, or treasure. All of these are not tradable or marketable.

Players earn 200 points for every win in casual or ranked mode, or 100 points in Turbo mode. The first win of each day rewards players with a daily bonus of 1,250 points. Each level in the reward lines requires 1,000 points to complete.

This is similar to last year’s New Bloom Event and the recent Frostivus event last December. 

Valve has veered away from the glamorous, intricate New Bloom and Frostivus events of old. The days of limited time game modes and PVE offerings are seemingly gone, in favor of players grinding for smaller rewards.

Some fans are speculating that this is due to Valve diverting its efforts towards a massive celebration for the 10th installment of The International. Others are chalking it up to the publisher focusing all its efforts on other games, most notably Half-Life: Alyx.

Treasure of Unbound Majesty uses The International 2019 rejects

Alongside the quest line is the New Bloom exclusive treasure. Treasure of Unbound Majesty includes a number of well-crafted sets for Drow Ranger, Visage, Undying, Storm Spirit, Dazzle, Kunkka, Arc Warden, Dark Willow, and Rubick.

The treasure’s top prize is the Amusements of the Ageless Fae bundle, a mythical set for Puck. Players also have the chance to receive a very rare Legion Commander set and extremely rare Templar Assassin bundle.

If some of these sets seem familiar, they should! During The International 2019, Valve ran a series of fan votes to determine the contents of the two Collector’s Cache sets. Most of the possible rewards for Treasure of Unbound Majesty are sets that didn’t make the cut.

After reaching level 20, players are rewarded a free Treasure of Unbound Majesty. Players can also purchase the exclusive treasure in the Dota 2 store for $2.49.

New Bloom event will last until February 3.