Dota 2 mod brings League of Legends champions into the game

By Steven Rondina


Aug 25, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

Ever wanted to play as League of Legends champions Ashe, Veigar, or Annie in Dota 2?

Well fear not, a mod has been created to satisfy that very desire!

Dota 2 but League Heroes is exactly what it sounds like. The custom game mode takes a group of League of Legends champions and drops them into Dota 2, utilizing Dota 2’s game engine, mechanics, and items. 

Players can play a very good approximation of 32 different LoL champions whose abilities have been approximated using similar Dota 2 spells. Some of the spells look very different due to the game mode’s reliance on Dota 2’s particle effects, but most of them are intuitive enough to translate for those who haven’t played Dota 2 yet and aren’t as familiar with its visuals. 

Mod puts League of Legends champions in Dota 2

The game itself uses models seemingly pulled directly from League of Legends, which look surprisingly at-home within the world of Dota 2. Outside of the champions themselves, the game exclusively uses Dota 2 NPCs. This means there are creeps instead of minions, Roshan instead of Baron Nashor, and so on. There is no substitute provided for League of Legends’ drakes, which don’t have a real parallel in Dota 2.

The game mode is fun, but it is still a work in progress. Dota 2 but League Heroes has just 32 champions included at this time, with many popular characters such as Yasuo, Thresh, and Miss Fortune not yet being a part of the game. Alongside this are a number of bugs both visual and technical, with the most egregious being Pyke’s model not being able to load properly into the game, leaving players who select him as a naked Bounty Hunter.

Dota 2 but League Heroes is worth checking out in the Dota 2 arcade for anyone who is familiar with both of the popular MOBAs. It is live and available for download now.


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