Dota 2-inspired board game Glyph made available to players

Marta Juras • October 21, 11:00

A passionate Dota 2 player has invested the time and effort to create Glyph, a board game inspired by the popular MOBA. The game uses elements of Dota 2 in a board game setting, using heroes, spells, talent trees, and more.

Reddit user u/Kinan_Rod has spent over a year working on Glyph so that he could combine his passion for board games and Dota 2. He showed off an early version of the game to other fans over a year ago, to an overwhelmingly positive response. The game is now complete and ready for fans to try out.

The game is made for 4-6 players and playtime lasts around two hours. Those interested in trying Glyph can download it as a mod in Tabletop Simulatoror download and print the components to try it out in a physical setting. The full rulebook is also available for public viewing. 

Even though it’s an entirely different game, Glyph might feel familiar for Dota 2 players. The game’s board is modeled after the Dota 2 map, and includes features like item shops, jungle camps, and waves of creeps that players need to push. 

The heroes are modeled after their Dota 2 equivalents, sharing similar features such as primary attributes, attack range, and damage. There’s even talent trees, spells, and bars for health, mana, and experience. Even wards can be placed on the map.

“In Glyph, each player controls a single hero that can level up, buy items, and respawn from death,” the developer shared. “The game implements everything in Dota 2 with a moderate, clean set of rules. That includes very small details such as tree juking, disjointing and agro.”

Dota 2 fans seem excited to try this game out.

Many praised the effort and dedication the creator has put in to craft a board game that offers an authentic, Dota-like experience. Though some fans had recommendations for things such as balance changes, many are hoping Valve takes notice and considers putting some effort behind a true, physical release for the game.


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