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Dota 2 fans mourn the release of Talon Esports’ roster

By Olivia Richman


Nov 6, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

The competitive Dota 2 community is heartbroken after Talon Esports let go its entire roster.

It’s expected that Dota 2 teams will be shaken up after The International as orgs look into a new season. Apparently, Talon Esports has decided to drop its entire team and is going to have an entirely new roster going forward.

Talon Esports lets go of entire Dota 2 roster

Earlier today, Talon Esports tweeted that a “new era is coming.” In the tweet, the esports org stated that their was a mutual agreement with the team to part ways. This would allow them to explore new opportunities.

“Please continue supporting Talon Dota as we look forward to a new era,” the org tweeted.

This was a bit surprising since Talon Esports grew so much over the last few years. When it entered the scene in 2021, Talon Esports was quite underwhelming but it became a top team as they gained synergy with one another.

The squad became a threat in SEA and beyond this past season. They finished third at the Lima Major and fourth in DreamLeague Season 20. Then, Talon Esports took third place at the Riyadh Masters, taking home $1.7 million and solidifying themselves as a team to beat.

What’s next for the Talon Esports players?

The Dota 2 community was disheartened at the news, expressing grief on Twitter after the announcement was posted. Many reactions were from fans calling them the “best” team in SEA, adding that they loved watching their matches and had followed them from the start of their journey.

A lot of tweets also wished the best of luck to the roster while others wondered why the org would drop one of the best teams in the competitive scene.

Right now, it’s unclear what Talon Esports has in mind. The former players have also not shared any plans for the future.

Fans are hoping that the players will be picked up but only time will tell what will happen as the next Dota 2 season approaches.


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